How much trash do you produce?


I fill up about half a trash bag a week, living by myself. I could probably cut down on that some by cooking more of my own meals. but I don’t feel like I produce much trash, even though I can be better,

my parents throw quite a bit away. it’s not unusual for them to go through 3 bags a week. for awhile I was preaching to them about producing less trash, but I don’t say anything anymore. I just try to keep the peace and my preaching was not helping.

Tuesday is trash pickup day here, and I don’t have anything in the trash can yet.

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a lot of it. is disgarded mail.


Three of us in the household and I take it out every 2-3 days. Less if it’s something that could go bad

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About a bag every day or two. Five in the household, and we have an indecent amount of food as take-out.

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yeah I go to subway at least once a week and sometimes twice, I also have some cans that I can recycle that have been getting thrown away. will start recycling my canned beans soon.

I also will frequently stop at the gas station and get a 20oz Styrofoam cup of coffee for $1.06 and throw that in the trash. I should probably stop doing that.

for awhile I burnt my trash, but then I was talking to my caseworker who lives out in the country and she was saying her son has some kind of condition where he is sensitive to air pollution and was complaining about her neighbors burning trash. so I decided to stop burning it.


well if you would have divided the recycling materials and the trash it would have been less. Plus you would have been doing something for the comunity.


Usually 2 to 3 bags of garbage for the three of us.


yeah it’s just a hassle driving to the recycling center, the town doesn’t pick it up. and I have to buy a recycling container for my cans. at the old place, the city provided recycling bins for every house so it was no big deal. but will start recycling my cans from now on and it will be less trash.

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We usually do two bags a week between the three of us. Star Sister orders a lot of takeout, but most of the containers in my state are reusable/recyclable, so it doesn’t add up too much. We go through three bins of recycling each week though, and a lot of it is cardboard boxes from things we ordered online. Especially now, as we’re baby-proofing the house.

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I live in a house of 4 adults our whizzbin (australia) is usually full when it gets picked up fortnightly same with the recycling bin in my area we also have a bin for food scraps or compostable that gets picked up weekly thats usually only half full unless we mow the grass.

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Usually my partner and I with a small to medium size tradh bag every three days. But my in laws with tight now three people a bag of garbage everyday sometimes twice if the kids are here or depending on what they are doing

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We go through about a bag a day. The trash comes twice a week. Monday and Thursday but the recycle guy only comes on Monday. My recycling bin gets overfilled. I wish they came on Thursdays too.

My cans are usually pretty full.

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I reckon about 3 bags a week. They’re not on the ball re recycling here. At my last place we were given pink bags to put stuff for recycling in.

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Between my husband and I we throw out about two small bags in the bin each week. Two thirds of what we used to throw out I recycle now.


Maybe a bag a week sometimes more.
I put in the recycling bin and hope good comes of it.

My brothers are so good they recycle for their grand parents.

It’s so sad that people kill them selves.
This guy that committed suicide was so gorgeous.
I can’t believe he is dead and his poor parents and loved ones.

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