How much time my recovery can take? share please


I’m dumb too sometimes, lots of times. Of course the illness affects the thinking, schizophrenia is a problem with thinking, false beliefs delusions. I have many problems with thinking, I can’t just sit down and think about something, coz I have racing invasive thoughts disturbing me. They’re mostly negative and they torment me, it’s a kind of purgatory. Schizophrenia isn’t a soft or mild illness, it’s very severe :frowning:

Edit: it destroys lives, it’s a terrible illness.


Ok… But how so some recover on their thinking with just two months on meds? My meds don’t help me much… dear frings, you are a friend. Yeap, it destroys lives :frowning:


Took me 6 years between the time I finally gained insight and how I am now which is pretty dang stable going on a month now. 6 years of constant self work, self care, therapy, experimenting with medication, etc.

Took me like 17 years to gain insight though and finally be able to start working on the problem. Insight is the hardest part and everyone here has already accomplished that.


I don’t know maybe they are very lucky. Or maybe you think they look ok on the outside, but maybe they are suffering on the inside? I don’t know dear, but I think sz is terrible for many people.


Yeap, maybe… But me, I am tired of my so few activity. everybody says that I need activity to get better, but I know I wont do it soon. Don’t ask me why. its my illness. and I don’t hide behind it, mine is strange… I don’t look for the med that will pull me out. My docs don’t want to change my meds anymore and I know they are right. I tried 11 aps for 10 years. For 10 years I was doing just this and I wasn’t getting better. so now I take the meds just for maintenance. But my head is ■■■■ yeap.
Frings, do you socialize with somebody or not at all? terrible…


I was trying to help, ok I’ll shut up.


frings, don’t get mad pls… you help. but I don’t want this kind of life now. I ve seen it for 20 years.


Noone wants this kind of life.

Someone who is blind wants to see.

Someone in a wheelchair wants to walk.

But, there’s no cure, and we have to live with it, no?


Ok, maybe I should start look for my mistakes. I am terrible this night sorry. My jealousy will kill me. I fight with it daily, that’s all I can do… for the rest, idk…


Sorry Anna, I try to help but I’m saying the wrong things :frowning:

I know you fight, and I’m proud of you when you go out, I mean that.

I’m not saying anymore.


No, you help, really. You are the reason for me sometimes too.
Well, I go out once in a week since 20 years and it never helped to progress for more. that’s why I worry.
But frings, I have ill friends who got even kids and me, I don’t have a kind word from nobody since years…


So I’ve never said a kind word to you, ok thanks Anna! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh it’s unfair I know, life is very unfair it sux true.


you see, I am a self centered ■■■■■. and believe me, everybody is pissed of by me… how to socialize? I say some things and the others get mad… don’t take my words seriously too frings… you said to me kind words… But the contact in irl is always best, no? whatever. ill swallow my ■■■■ as all the others…
whatever, I went crazy… I cant socialize normally, its a pain.


I never said that, I said I think you’re lovely.

I can’t say anything right so I’ll stop bugging you.


its me who says it… I am always here complaining. But I have my reasons to do it yeap. I see only my mom all day long and shes desperate about me.


I’ve been in the same place you have. Just get yourself up and your motivation up and it’ll happen a lot quicker than you think. Our brains are a lot stronger and wired to function. It will not take that long. All you need to do is want it really bad. @Anna1


@Anna1, how much have you recovered this year?