How much time can you stay without thinking?

How much time can you stay without thinking just feeling being? When you try to meditate despite the disease.

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During catatonia my mind was even emptier than when meditating.

Ok what did you think, there is something beyond the thoughts or nothing exist ?

I try to inquire if there’s something else than the common experience teach us.

I was frozen, no eye movement, no thinking, no body movement, no reaction to the environment. My parents were hitting me and yelling at me, I wasn’t responding.

Ok seems to be a really bad experience, sorry.

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They’re always some thoughts. Today I turned off computer and television. I lasted half an hour. In this time still racing thoughts were coming up. But sometimes I’ve something like black outs. It’s rare, then I hear only voices.

If i listen the voices i will hear them. But i try to focus on something else that the thoughts (or the voices), and i expect to shut down the voices by doing that.

2 minutes…

seems to be good 2 min, you’re trained maybe.

I meditate daily but I find my mind is rarely empty. So when I meditate I’m mainly just letting my thoughts roam freely but don’t react to them. It’s just “oh this is a thought and that’s ok”

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Ok that’s great you can do that.

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Two days ago, I was drinking the whole day and I dont remember overthinking at all. I was just… living. It was great but now on to a new day

Lol, maybe it’s better not to do that often.

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Be careful of alcohol withdrawals, they’re close to benzos. Both stimulate GABA in the brain which slows down the brain.

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Benzos withdrawal is hell.

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I get severe headaches the next day of drinking alcohol, on meds its caused by much smaller amounts:

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It’s been 59+ years and still counting.

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