How much tech do you own?


Still a big nope. Just you throwing ignorance around.

(Smart thing would have been to ask what I use them for and how I pay for most.)

I do. I probably also get more action than you. You’ll have to figure out a way to deal with it.

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The less influence you have the better,
the more influence I have the better.
I don’t like you but let’s not turn it into a fight.
I will just say that I dislike you very much,
though not to the extent to fire you from your job.

Me only ? Or household ? I own:

An iPhone and my own tv.

If you had asked politely you would have learned that I freecycle. I scavenge electronics out of the local dump, fix them up, give a lot away to local students who can’t afford computers.

A lot of my computers have been scavenged. The reason I have so many is that I help run a school and community Net radio station. I have a bunch of systems that I loan to people in our community for creating shows and covering events. My wife and I donate the costs of running the station. Yeah, it sells advertising, but every penny goes to the school to buy computers for kids who are less fortunate than mine to use.

Two of our three big screen TVs were scavenged. Cost me about $10 in parts to fix them. My wife has the new TV in the living room because she wanted one for X-mas.

Sorry for wrecking your narrative.


2 laptops from work
4 Amigas
2 Nas servers
1 smart TV
1 smart phone

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I sent you a private message @velociraptor I hope you received it well.
I sent you it, by the way even before I read your last message here.

Is this one of those days we can be thankful that pixel is no longer a mod? :stuck_out_tongue:

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People ought to be able to enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

Hard work should pay off.

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not saying youre an angry elf @velociraptor. just saw the connection to Elf and had to share it.

I have this pc, I don’t know how to use a cell phone, I am technologically ignorant. umm I may be a little ignorant overall because I have a bad memory for details mostly.

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Let’s be blunt: If everyone got the same amount of $$ whether they worked or not, then I would stop doing things I dislike all day for $$ and then just go out with a camera instead. And if everyone did that, there would be no food, no energy, no products to consume.

Being in commercial insurance isn’t glamorous, but what I do helps people run their businesses in the face of ruinous risks. They have the security of knowing they have income if they get ill, that critical equipment is replaced in case of an accident and they can keep bringing in income. I play my part and I get rewarded for it. Take away that reward and I’m walking away. That would almost universally be the case. No more food, drugs, iPhones, hospitals or anything.

THINK, people.

That was awesome, I’m still giggling. Thanks for dropping the vid.


do you mind telling me why you have 3 pcs?

One time in high school, years ago, me and my friend got on Apple’s website and added the max amount of every single item they sell, to our cart. Lol i laughed so hard that day… we tried to order 999 ‘backup’ iPads and 999 maxed out Mac Pros and we were mocking uber-rich people by saying that they were ‘decent’ computers that we could use ‘if our primary systems failed’ lol

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Must have been some expensive prank?!


This laptop and an HP -35 Hewlett-Packard model calculator.

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Apple products aren’t good enough to justify the price difference so you’ll never find me buying one new (keep in mind that I used to be a network admin and that I’m qualified to service Windows and Apple). You don’t find many in the dump so I can’t really build a library of parts to use on other machines I find. I find about 3 laptops a week. I’ve probably got about 30 in my shed I need to sort the good parts out of when I get some spare time. My shed is half yard stuff and half salvaged PC parts.

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Yeah Apple products are very expensive.

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One is for everyday surfing the internet, One is offline and only used for accounting, and the third is in waiting if either of the other two call it a day


LOL. I just have one desktop computer and one MacBook. iPad pro :smiley: and iPhone.


Some might find this interesting…