How much tech do you own?

Surface Pro 4 i5/16GB/256GB no Type Cover

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 CPU
Intel DG45ID Motherboard
2 x 27" Dell 2709W Monitors
Linux - Ubuntu 16.04.3


one each of


well i have 2 phones but one is dying

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what I gather is that you have too much money,
it just shows that we need a more reasonable distribution of wealth.
No offense but having 12 laptops just shows you have too much money that you needlessly throw around.

I have a laptop, tablet, iphone, ipod in that order :slight_smile:

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@Erez_Shmerling Maybe @velociraptor just likes collecting technology that is either used or old. I couldn’t see that all his stuff would be new. Also, owning 12 laptops doesn’t mean he necessarily has too much money. People spend money however they like. :upside_down_face:


@exhile I support a lifestyle where you buy what you need and that’s it.
I don’t favor buying things just like that with no practical justification.
Although, unfortunately the current economy encourages needless consumption.

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I’m a minimalist too but @velociraptor can do what he wants with his money he earned!

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@Erez_Shmerling Well, there are people who collect cars, paintings, trading cards, comic books etc… It’s just a hobby to them. Well, consumption drives supply and demand.

@Goyankees give me full economic equality in society with each individual having the same purchasing power.
I don’t think that @velociraptor should have more purchasing power than me.
Plus I support spending money only practically, on things that you actually need.
Just to clarify, I have zero income, not able to earn and not able to even collect disability benefits.

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I used to own a laptop but now instead I own an iPad Mini and an iPhone 6.
I noticed that you don’t own any Apple products @velociraptor.

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Dell Desktop
Kindle Fire 7
LG Smartphone
PS Vita
Yamaha S03 Synthesizer(I almost never use it b/c it’s so much easier to get the sounds I want from software)

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1 Raspberry Pi


Jelly? Pixel has a job…

Perhaps that would be that way in a socialist state?

Anyway sorry you can’t claim disability atm, perhaps you should start a action group or lobby your local representative for mental health disability assistance.

Start small and work your way up.


Socialism does not work. If it did, maybe people wouldn’t be fleeing Cuba on makeshift rafts for the capitalist United States. You can take a look at socialist Venezuela if you like, as well. Capitalism drives innovation; there is no incentive to come up with brilliant million dollar ideas if there is no monetary reward for doing so. The computer or smart phone you are using to be on this forum was created by capitalist means. Socialism leads to stagnation, kills innovation. Pixel can spend his hard-earned dollars on whatever he wants; I applaud him for busting his ass to pay for that stuff.


@freakonaleash I want to tell you that the idea of basic income is widely floated and has widespread support.
I personally am disabled and no one is compensating me for that,
I can’t even get disability because I can’t file for it on my own.
But set me aside.
Communism works very well, values are a much better driver of innovation than money.
On the contrary, communism/socialism encourages innovation by freeing people of monetary
concerns and allowing them to focus on innovation.
You can drive innovation by promoting the right ideologies in society.
you talk like that because you are very high functioning and able to earn money.
If you were disabled your outlook would be different.
I , if healthy would be a well off communist.
The way I am I have zero income of my own.

@Erez_Shmerling Communism’s planned economy brought down the USSR. It doesn’t work which is why China is reforming its economy to simulate capitalist economies. Look at China now since the 1979 economic reforms.

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@exhile with right management the USSR would stay communist and dominate the entire world.
And by the way you mentioned China:
The Chinese communism party didn’t renounce its values,
its end goal stays a communist society.

@Erez_Shmerling The USSR tried to expand into Afghanistan but the mujahedin resisted them with the help of the US. All the former Soviet Blocs fell and are now trying to be a part of the EU.

The correct term for Chinese Communism is “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” as quoted by Deng Xiaoping (邓小平). There will be some Communist values that will remain such as the one-party ruling the government.

I got it all

MacBook Pro
Two desktops PCs
Xbox one
iPhone 6s

I love technology

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Do you have something like the citizens advice bureau in Israel that can help you navigate the process?

Also were you doing national service when you became unwell? Can you get a military disability pension?