How much space do you need?

Ever since I got sick I craved piece of mind. It took me 35 years to achieve that. It feels great now though. One other thing I dearly want is space. I have none. It’s hard to describe but I feel every one near me is forcing me to live in my head. I can’t get one inch of space past my eyeballs. I’ve only got “space” a couple times in my life that I can remember. The last time was over three months ago when I took a walk at the park and I had uninterrupted space for a couple feet in front of me. It was such a relief; then of course some punk kids had to ruin it. My neighbors will not allow me to have that foot of space. The official party line is that the neighbors aren’t listening into my apartment or thinking of me and can’t read minds but as soon as I try to relax they immediately react and cut it off. Is kind of phoney but this is the type of people I live next to. Do you feel you have as much “space” as you need?” With no one fuc*ing with you, just having room to relax and think?

I have the physical space of having my own room but live with 4 others. Real space is only after everybody has gone to bed.

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I am fat, I take too much space.

Yeah, I get it.

I have plenty of space myself. We have a decent size house with only 3 people living in it.
oh, and a dog and bird.

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Just don’t go talking/texting me everyday and touch on sensitive topics. In terms of physical, we have one of the most in the hospital in terms of subsidised patients.

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