How much Seroquel did you start on?

For those of you that take Seroquel what dose did you start on? Are you still on it? What was your maximum dose? Any side effects?

I took 300 mg one time. Made me psychotic and I never took another one.

When I was psychotic and in the hospital,

They put me on 300mg twice a day.

I was a total zombie.

Ate everything.

Gained about 75 pounds.

It was not the medication for me.

Got off of it and lost the weight, had a baby, then got on Abilify,

It’s been working great for years.

Believe it or not but I was on 1200mg a day…I was a little drowsy

Vomiting. 200 mg.

I don’t remember the dose but I gained a ton of weight on it in a really short period of time and had to quit.

I started on 50 mg Seroquel. I’m now on 600 mg. I have been on seroquel for 9 years now with two other antipsychotics. Seroquel made it possibly to replace some of the depot Clopixol from 300 mg weekly to 400 mg Clopixol every 3 week. I gained 1.5 stone in 5 years on Seroquel. The last two years I have lost one stone by eating veggies and whole grains. One specially welcome side effect is that I no longer can get drunk and that’s why I don’t attend AA meetings

25mg. On 50mg I had an allergic reaction…won’t ever touch that stuff again!

They put me on 400 x 2 daily from the beginning. I didn’t think they were doing anything to me until I didn’t get them for five days. I was more jittery than I cared to be.