How much risk should you put your body through?

hey hey hey! I’m taking clozapine for severe schizophrenia. Clozapine is very risky and a last resort medication. How severe should I let the side effects get before I stop the fight? Like how a referee stops a boxing match if a fighter is in trouble. I think my risk of living with severe schizophrenia for the rest of my life is greater than the risk of health problems. But how far is too far? How severe should I let the side effects get before I change my mind?

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Do ypu have any serious side effects now?
It depends on ypur sz, for some sz means death so anything is better than sz.

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I mean unless Clozapine is killing you which is extremely rare, the agranulocytosis low white blood cells side effect.

Get your labs done regularly. Clozapine kills in sneaky ways. Severe constipation can be fatal. My cholesterol is through the roof because of clozapine. Make sure your CBC comes back normal. I feel very physically unhealthy on clozapine. It’s hard to describe the feeling, I just don’t feel healthy if that makes sense. Plus it doesn’t even get rid of all of my positive symptoms and doesn’t do anything for negatives. All I know is I’m done with the med. my pdoc and I are working to get me off of it


What dose are you at?

Was at 500mg at the highest. I’m down to 200mg now

I’m on 3 antipsychotics and have problems with libido swallowing and constipation.I just got uppered in seroquel two days ago and all of a sudden some of these side effects poped up and I hope they are only temporarily.
I will advice you to continue your medication if you are a danger to yourself or society like me. It’s better to have even severe side effects than being a threat to society because you then will get forced medication.

My schizophrenia is so severe that I forgot what real life feels like. It started when I was 17 and I’m 37 now, I feel like 20 years of my life was wasted. I would do anything to see what real life feels like.