How much pleasure do you get on average out of your leisure activities?

Rate it on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no pleasure and 10 being extreme pleasure.

I’d make a poll for this but I don’t think I can yet because I’m still new here.

2 or 3 154444444

I would say 11. If you’re going to do something, do it like you’re kicking ass and chewing bubble-gum and that you’re all out of gum. Oh, and two more things!

  1. WELCOME to the community.

  2. Props to you from another Sean for spelling your first name correctly. The world needs fewer Shauns and Shawns, don’t you think?




i’d say a 4. i don’t get much pleasure they just help pass the time.

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Thanks Sean :slight_smile: I agree, the way we spell our name is the best by far.

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3-4 I say, depending on the day and circumstances.

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I’d say about an 8 or a 9. Occasionally 10. I used to have no pleasure…so glad it’s not like that anymore.

  1. Smoking pipes and cigars is a 10
  2. Civil War reading is a 8
  3. Reading in general is an 8
  4. Video games is a 7
  5. Movies are an 8 if I feel well
  6. Listening to music is a 9
  7. Birding varies between 1 to 10

Haha. I know you didn’t ask for a list OP but it was fun to think about it.



haha. monkey see monkey do

fishing is a 3
fishing with a six pack of beer is a 5
hiking is a 8
watching baseball is a 5
watching basketball is a 5
listening to radio is a 4
listening to music is a 5
gardening is a 3
sunbathing is a 3
working out is a 6

  1. Praying is about a 5-6
  2. Watching youtube stuff is like a 4-6 (hallucinations screw me up)
  3. Lurking forums is like a 3-4
  4. Repairing / fixing / making stuff is like a 7-8 (I enjoy it but don’t have the right headspace to do it for prolonged times.
  5. Video games used to be a solid 10, but now I can’t even get into anything (massive guilt complex)
  6. Eating dinner with family is a 6-8 (depends on mood)

That’s about my life in a nutshell.


I would say 6 - 8. Some things kind of surprise me when I enjoy them. I can also be bitter about some things. I feel the bitterness about as much as I feel the pleasure.

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From reading I’d say a 7-8
Browsing bookshops or library is an 8-9
Coffee with hubby is a 8
Painting is a 6-7
Writing is a 7
Sewing is a 5
Movies is a 5-6


I really enjoy eating watching Netflix and playing video games and vaping and sleeping in also talking to my mom

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I get limited choices to do stuff

Video games- 4
Play allot or a little / can’t afford allot but I finish at least one video game in a month

surprisingly I’m having a decent go of it I’m muted but it feels like the volume of happieness can go as high as it used to.

Hanging out with my kids +++10
Everything else 3 or 4

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I think 6-7. I definitely can have fun, but not real joy as before meds. Deep happiness and euphoria is gone, as is being emotionally touched deeply. But i still enjoy myself. I wish i would be off meds and be myself again though…I miss my old self.

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As a general observation, i would say i get about a 5 - 6 on the scale. Depends on what i’m doing.

Music 9.
Smoking and drinking coffee 9.
Sleeping 9.
Walking 4.
Walking the dog 6.
Barely existing 1 or 10, it depends

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Prayer 7
Reading 7
Practice of piano 4
Practice of yoga 6
Meditation 9
Spanish study 5
Talking on phone 7
Watching movies 8