How much of your wonderful personality you choose to show to others?

To my mother > 80 %

To my sister >75 %

To psychologists ~50 %

To you guys ~40 %

To friends ~ 30-90%

To unknown people ~20 %


100% of my obnoxious personality

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To my father 95%
To my brother 75%
To my extended family 60%
To people I don’t know well 10%
To my therapist 55%
To my psychiatrist 52%


The psychiatrist is tricky to say the least, 52 seems ok thou

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Nice man!

No filters haha

Your good thou

Haters will be haters :rofl:


I mean I tell her the truth about my symptoms but she knows a little about my personal life.

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Its a fine line between the two :blush::v:

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I usually show different parts to different people

That’s regular i guess, normal

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Too much according to Mrs. Raptor.


My brother youngest one, he has seen the most of my personality.

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To my relatives; maybe 40%. To past boyfriends, maybe 50%, to everyone else, probably 5% .

Wouldn’t it be two faced ? I am the same to everyone.

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Yeah my lady just told me I was being too much of an egg (annoying) and to hurry up go hangout with my friend and be an egg lol.

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I show the most to my brother and that’s only about 70%. Draw your own conclusions.

I can’t give percentages of my personality that I show others, because my personality is so quirky that I don’t completely understand it myself.

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I don’t like sharing myself with people I don’t know well.

I also need to conserve my energy.

Writing is somewhat different for me (like here).

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