How much of serouqel do you take?

And how do you feel? do you take any other meds? How with your lack of motivation and concentration?

reduction of dosage inceases your motivation and concentration?

The highest dosage of Seroquel that I was ever on was 800mg. It wasn’t fun. It knocked me out when I took it.

I take 600 mg and barely notice it. I get a little tired for an hour at 4 pm and it helps me fall asleep. I also take 10 mg Zyprexa. I want to get more Zyprexa and less Seroquel, haven’t talked to my pdoc yet.

I take 200 mg three times a day so that probably makes the sedative effects more tolerable.

I take 400 mg X 2 daily. I don’t even notice it. I’m sure I would feel it if I came off the drug.

Like all of the anti-P’s, Seroquel quetiapine is a molecule of a particular sort coming into contact with a brain full of other molecules of a particular sort. Thus, it will work just dandy for some, fairly well for some, not so great for some, and plain horrible for the rest.

While research into who this is so is underway on a broad front, the complexities involved suggest that it may be a long, long time before p-docs are able to give sz patients a “test” of some sort that determines (relatively) precisely what particular anti-P is best for their particular brain full of molecules.

If sufficiently intrigued, look into Stephen Stahl’s work, as he does a nice verbal and pictorial job of explaining all this.

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How’ with sleepiness on 150mg of seroquel?

These books look attractive but they are prohibitively expensive.

What was your lowest dosage of seroquel and how did you feel?

12.5 mgs, but I am generally very sensitive to all anti-Ps.

  1. Compared to what? Other school texts? $50 is nothing for a modern school text. I had to buy some books for well over $200.

  2. One can find them online for around $25 if one is patient.

  3. Stahl’s books are available in most better public libraries.

I have 200-300 mg Quetiapine. Dosage depends on if I’m getting sleepless nights. First sign of relapse.

I am unfocused, bad memory, poor reading, no joy.

I also have Abilify 25 mg.

Thank you. I will see what I can do.

I was on 300mg when I took Serouqel. It dropped my blood pressure dramatically so I had to switch to Abilify

I take 150mg at night. It doesn’t knock me out like it use to.

I used to take 600 mg and decided to taper down to 300… i tried to quit cold turkey and had some really painful withdrawals. Eventually, I’ll taper down to zero mg.