How much mysticism is enough?

There’s so many things going on in the new age religion boom that I really wanted to bring this up…

Do you believe any of this new age and recently released stuff that has been known to be mystical…?

Like Kabbalah? Or Tantra? Or self hypnosis?

Also belief put aside I’d like to debunk and really approach the mystical stuff with caution to prevent mania…

Yet is this perhaps a way to get help? Or the riskiest, stupidest thing ever?

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My vote would be in this general side of things. There is no evidence that “mysticism” is helpful at all - and probably can feed into delusions.


This is a bit of a sore spot with me.

For me… the best way to get through my day is knock down my sneaky brained thinking. I’ve had my self-delusional stint as a Zen master and it was exhausting. I never did get my temple off the ground. :wink:

I am more science minded and my family is not an overtly religious one.

So now at 29 I am living with my 18 year old kid sis as she goes to college and where as I try to be science minded …

my sis does believe in Wicca and energy flow and all this stuff… she doesn’t talk about it with me because she knows it’s upsetting to me.

She has had a pack of Tarot Cards on her for years… but Jung did a lot of study on tarot and how they are merely a prop to get to the heart of the matter. So I can sort of dig that.

I do shrug some of it off as… she’s 18, out of the parental nest and trying to grow into her next phase of life…

But all this wicca stuff and energy moving, tantric yoga chanting, kabbalah stuff is getting under my skin.

I don’t see it as helpful or giving her any answers or fixing her life… or making me feel any better. But as long as she keeps it in her own room and shuts the door, I can be patient.

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There seems to be a new campaign or (fad) if you will over new age religious study of energy and eastern mysticism. Especially Kabbalah in Hollywood, these people spend SOOO much money trying to buy their way into mystical powers. I really appreciate the input, and I hope that the question didn’t induce any mania!

Good question :smile:

I don’t know the answer…

Personally I believe in a lot of things… Things that my son believes in…

I think if you can find comfort in something without it taking over your life then whether its mystical, magical, new age… Everything in moderation I think is key.


I guess that’s the core of it right there… moderation…

I know a lot of people who believe in some far out there stuff… but they don’t let it control their life. Unlike some of the phases I went through. Oh well… live and learn.

Thank you for that.


I agree with you @BarbieBF I am a student of new age and Buddhism. I read Tarot cards and I have learned to read people concerning their loved ones who have passed. I do it because it brings healing to people but does not consume me. When I was delusional I would see the demon the same way I would see those who have passed. This was confusing, but I became so wrapped up in the flu vaccine controlling people that it didn’t really cause me much distress. Now that I’ve had a treatment and my meds are figured out, my beliefs of the mystic nature really are like my Buddhist beliefs, neither consumes me but I do have an interest in learning more. :sunny:


any of it. well except belief in a higher power can help give one strength

I believe that the power of Doing and just taking action and living in the now is much more helpful

this is a difficult one for me as i have both done stuff and seen stuff that would qualify as mystical but certain things i don’t believe in and one of those is telepathy. my voices try and convince me all the time but i just don’t believe. they want me to believe that i am telepathic with the dead, yet one of my main voices, the real person beieves that anyone who isn’t a traditional catholic goes to hell…so where the ■■■■ are all these dead friends of his meant to be? i either have a hot line to hell that can’t be so bad a place as i don’t hear any anguish coming from these people, or the real man knows ■■■■ all about heaven and hell and the dead voices are just that, simply voices. personally? i’m going with the latter. you don’t go to your own ■■■■■■■ church every week and have crucifixes everywhere if you don’t believe in heaven and hell so these dead voices can’t be real and yet they are wholly interactive so what does that say about the living voices…doesn’t look good for them either does it? they try to proove themselves by doing impressions of family and friends but i know it’s just personalities because i remember the first attempt at making me hear voices and so i know it’s just been added to over the years and what i’m left with is myriad voices to make me look like a schiz. so no i don’t believe in telepathy at all. i believe in ghosts as i’ve seen one although whether it was human or not i will probably never know. it’s not the first ghost experience i’ve had. i don’t really believe in god. i’d like to but i just can’t i’m afraid. he seems to be too absent in my life and those of my children. that’s about it really. xxx

Are you tryn to debunk all religions and mysticism. To me they are really one and the same.

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For me I would say I would be nowhere without it…probably have been dead because i would have drank or drugged myself to death due to not having any real mystical path and life, no guidance, no faith, no hope, no ability to seek things through prayer and see them granted…
or another angle is i would have denied the reality of the spirits, got a nice little dose of meds and disability and stagnated in an apartment with rent subsidy eventually becoming completely zombified or mad…instead I was able to work and save and get my own property…

New age and newly released? Kabbalah and tantra are very very old !