How much freedom can the mind have?


Postmodernism, as its defined, doesn’t seem to able to describe contemporary culture, specifically performance art and participatory art, which are not fixed for long periods of time.

I remember when an artist duct taped a banana to a wall at Miami’s Art Basil, only for a performance artist to eat the banana. Thus postmodernism can describe the banana taped to the wall, but not the performance artist’s eating of the banana.

Andy Warhol’s Pop Art described contemporary culture, with paintings of Campbell’s soup, Brillo boxes, and Coca-Cola bottles.

Art is always changing, the zeitgeist is always changing. Studying of such art always lags behind.

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Freedom of a mind is decided by the mind,

Till then, no profit under the sun.

If one need profit / freedom thy shall knock and the doors shall be opened.

Then the mind will show me great and mighty things that no one knows or understands and cannot distinguish by normal people.

~ I think the above 4 sentence are unusual beliefs!

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