How much dopamine or serotonin does suntheanine release?

Tried 150mg of suntheanine first time yesterday and felt significant increase for about two hours.
After that I haven’t really felt the same release of chemicals.
Should I up it to 300mg twice a day?

Currently I take 400mg a day. All in one go.

Sometimes I’ll take an extra 400mg prn.

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I wonder how much invega sustenna 234mg and depakote 1000mg goes against this supplement if it’s really worth it in the long run.

Theanine acts on glutamate and GABA, not serotonin and dopamine.

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Doesn’t a doctor supposed to tell you this?

Haven’t had chance yet to ask about supplements

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I think a standard dosage is about 200mg. I’ve tried 400mg and it backfired. I wouldn’t chase the calm high. Well except with mindfulness meditation.

@twinklestars you know how it works on glutamate? is that the same concept as Clozaril? Because isn’t Clozaril the only AP that works on glutamate and not just dopamine? Thanks

@Ale, I have been researching it, and yesterday I found in some patients it can lower serotonin so its good for people with social anxiety. Other patients, it raises serotonin. I suppose everyone’s brain is different even with supplements. When chemicals touch neurotransmitters, everyone is going to have a different response, because of their genes and brain structure.


I don’t know how it works chemically. I have read about clozapine and glutamate, but I’ve also read about other drugs and supplements with some effect on glutamate - like sarcosine, which may be why sarcosine doesn’t provide added benefit with clozapine. NAC is another supplement with an effect on glutamate, but it is also anti inflammatory. There is a trial of NAC and clozapine, but I don’t think it has results yet.

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It’s not something that is measurable, or necessary to measure. Each brain is different and the circuitry size is different. There are many more factors that affect the dopaminergic and serotonergic neuroactivity besides taking Suntheanine, so there is no real value you could produce.

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thanks for the skinny

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