How much do you smoke?(poll)

-1 to 5 cigarettes per day
-5 to 10 cigarettes
-1 pack per day
-2 packs per day
-more than 2 packs per day
who could help me make this poll?

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  • 1 to 5 cigarettes per day
  • 5 to 10 cigarettes
  • 1 pack per day
  • 2 packs per day
  • more than 2 packs per day
  • Vaping

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I vape nicotine 24/7 except when sleeping and eating/drinking.

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there is a little gear att the top of the messsage box where you type, you hit that and it should say build poll

Sometimes I even vape in the bathroom lol

I tried vaping but i stopped bc my chest got a little weird but not sure if it was covid or possible reaction to something in the vape.

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Oh, thanks Aziz, you are a cool pal no matter what :smiley:

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I smoke about 15 cigarettes a day but I put a pack because its closest.


Smoking shisha etc made me dizzy and cough maybe from lack of oxygen. Vaping doesn’t do this for me. Maybe others cant tolerate vaping. If you’re not smoking don’t start vaping, I think nothing is still better.

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Do some of you here, who smoke, have already a smoking cough? I hope i wont die now, that i have it… Its typical for heavy smokers to cough? Plus, i have an irritating sensations in my throat already :confused: I know, i suck to be like this, but i have my problems here… The smoking cough doesnt always lead to cancer, no? one friend tells me, that all smokers cough lol…

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my breathing has been wweird since way back at the start of covid March 2020 (seems like yesterday) i keep thinking i might have had covid the whoie time and i still have it, or maybe the vape but idk its a bit worrying and i turned in to a bit of a hypocondriac


I had fever, headaches, extreme fatigue, coughing, difficulty breathing when I had covid19.

it never use to be the case, what i have found is that it has got worse which made me think they were deliberately put something in the tobacco to make us cough and put us off smoking, it was one of the reasons i stopped tbh. my dad smoked his whole life without a cough. people be coughing more.

How much your dad was smoking, @mrhappy ?
Well, i am on 2 packs per day, so maybe its natural to cough now :frowning_face:
I just wonder if i am close to a severe illness with these 2 packs and if ill die very soon… I am like aziz, my negatives and the paranoia are killing me, i have no life, so i need the cigarettes often…

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2 packs like 40 a day :frowning: man that is pretty bad, i use to smoke 20 a day, my dad was about a pack of 20 a day, when i stopped i had very bad health issues and when i smoked i got really sick with just one draw, i used the patches and it was very easy to stop, I dont think i could ever replace smoking but i think i bite my lip now instead.

I Smoke 3 packs 60 cigs daily

Yeah, like a 40 per day… I am a severe sz, who knew the total isolation for 20 years and now i just want to live but my symptoms are severe and meds dont help much… I plan to reduce them once i get more active, which i plan to do, but i am not sure itll happen. Maybe ill die soon, no? I can die from cigarettes now??
I didnt fight for my mental and physical health before… I was destroyed by a father who was beating my sister and my mom till death… I had symptoms since kid, which is a worse prognosis… and my total, hellish despair made me close myself for all the world outside at my twenties… i really suffered as hell… i had a very unhappy childhood, but now that i want to live and fight, i have this cough…

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I smoke cigars and pipes.

Not a heavy smoker of either.

But I dip snuff.



60, really? You dont lie, no? :confused: …
Do you have symptoms from the smoking then? We could do it despite this no? Arent you afraid of dying from cigarettes? Sorry if its a touchy question… i just cough more lately and i have these irritating, picking like sensations in my throat…

I am scared to look in my mouth out of fear of mouth cancer and I am definitely scared to have my lungs looked at. I cough sometimes and I wheeze at night when laying down.