How much do you pay rent?

I’m thinking to apply for section 8 in California. It’s my first time. Do I need to save money first?

I pay what I think is a lot for my 2 bedroom, 2 full bath, with north facing balcony, and facing the courtyard, apartment.

I pay a reasonable amount. I think you should always save up, just in case, so that way you have an emergency fund in case of any emergency.


My place is within my budget. I’m just complaining cause my present apartment is more expensive than my last.

one saving grace is that they have never raised my rent…it is reasonably lower than houses in my neighborhood…still a lot.

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I pay $256 for a 2 bedroom Hud apartment. I qualified for a 2 bedroom because my doctor wanted me to get exercise equipment to help get some of this weight off and to help with my spine degeneration. They figure the rent on a third of your income, minus a utility allowance. I make $1252 a month on SSDI.

I pay 500 € a month for a one room.

Mortgage is $900/month. Very hard to afford with our low income and 3 kids

My house is paid off. It’s the property taxes heat and hydro that I need to deal with

with loans and rent it amounts to about 900$. And I make about 2000$. But I live in a expensive country. After paying food, transportation and other necessities there is not much left.

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