How much do you pay for your internet package and what speed do you get?

We get 200mbps and roughly the internet/TV package comes to around £130 a month depending who’s had a pay-per-view - film - Wrestling - sports. Because I live in a shard house the £130 is slip 3 ways. We have the fullest package. Tivo in each room. It doesn’t cause arguments if somebody forgets to pay their share because the supported living manager has included the entreatment package in the monthly bills so it automatically comes out our accounts.

I have two TVs (each has its own converter box) and internet (200 mbps). I pay $85 per month.

I think we get 100ish mbps on the west coast. No data caps. Dont know the cost.

I pay 89.00 a month







I pay $55/month autopay don’t know what speed tho

I pay $78 for basic internet and TV… I could save about $5 a month in the long run if I get my own router.

The internet by itself is really cheap… Like $20 I think but it’s a special deal for people who are on disability.

That’s a ridiculously low ping lol… I’m happy with my 40-50ms…

I pay for gigabit internet… it’s a new service @ 100 dollars per month. So far the downspeeds are good… but just like it was before at lower speed the upstream bandwidth is ridiculously low.

I’ve have mixed ranges from 20-30 megabits up (be plenty to keep everything smooth) to as low as 2 megabits (to non existent)… Lol they built a high speed network on top of a bottlenecked connection.

My xbox documented 490 mbps… so far everything hangs between 80 mbps and 150…

Hopefully they do they infrastructure upgrades on their end to deliver the service ass advertised. I can be patient… I know that ■■■■ is hella expensive and takes time to roll out. I also know they have enough customers probably complaining at them already.

Pretty happyy with that downstream… it’s funny that simple browsing is still quirky… but once a download is initiated it’s more constrained by internet conditions… not my receiver.


20 mbs and was $55 a month. I just cancelled it though.

100mbps for $19.99 per month. It’s added onto my phone bill. I don’t know why I get it for such a low price, know one else I know gets it for that low. All I know is every time the bill goes up I call and tell them and tell them I don’t want the price to go up for a variety of reasons and they do something in their system and I start getting the discount again. I like it, I guess I’m the squeaky wheel.

I get 240 channels of cable and unlimited 120 MB’s of internet for $115.

I pay $190 a month for a bundle that includes home phone with unlimited long distance calling, internet with 400 mbps, and premium cable that includes Netflix and other really good channels.

My internet is 400. For that and cable i pay $130

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