How much do you pay for medicine?

I’m on ESA (sickness benefits) in the UK, so I pay nothing for my quetiapine and painkillers. But I wondered how much other people have to pay in different countries?


Usually ~2 to 5 euros and it’s not much.I live in Estonia
edit: Right now I’m on clozapine and risperidone

I come from China.I’m on Ziprasidone.I pay about 300RMB per month.

I pay like USD200 a month,for all my medicine and consultation fee

I have a friend from your country Malaysia who said the meds are free.She is on Invega maybe she is on the sickness benefit.You should try it.

I think it would need a special ID card,I can still afford my medication,but I don’t know in the long run,maybe I would take the disabilities too,but thanks for your help

i’m in the uk so it’s free…aren’t i the lucky one!!


For me it depends. Old generics are free. Newer generics or more expensive ones are $10 or $45. Brand name is $95.

I get it from the state hospital so its free :smile:

I have a medical aid that I contribute 1850.00ZAR per month (about 180.00USD). It pays for my Abilify and other meds to the value of approximately 3500.00ZAR per month(about 330.00 USD). Abilify is quite expensive

I’m in the US and am on Medicare and Medicaid. My prescriptions are $1.20 each. I’m on Seroquel, Geodon, Klonopin, and Lexapro for my psych meds. I’m also on other meds for physical illnesses. If it weren’t for my insurance I’d be screwed. These meds are expensive. :sunny:

i get mine free im in the uk

free, i live in canada. most of the medication i got i haven’t even taken.

I’m the same as you , pay nothing. UK. I always complain about them but i know i should be glad and thankful for them.

I am from Croatia(Europe) and all meds (even the new ones like Abilify, Geodon, ) are free. If you are employed you have to pay something like 10$ a month and all meds are free. If you are unemployed you don’t have to pay anything. Very social country.

I’m in Sweden. I pay about 2500 SEK / year. It’s about 250€ or 360 USD. I have Abilify and Quetiapine. I get free medicine for the rest of the year after two months.

I’m from Denmark, so it is free, well I guess I pay by tax, but I can definitely live with that.