How much do you have to do that would keep you busy?

How much do you have to do?

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Do loads keeping busy is the key


It might help some. I think it mostly makes me tired. I don’t derive satisfaction from just being busy.

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I have tons to do to keep me busy:

Mass attendance
Internet surfing
Visiting with friends
Playing with cat
Benedictine Oblate meetings
Legion of Mary meetings
Piano and Keyboard playing

My pdoc says that these are all the things that I do that keep me well.


I don’t have a ton to do but I don’t get bored often, either

I proofread our local paper
I help deliver it
I do school
I do housework
I do Lego Club
I watch movies in the evening
I exercise
I go to the city for various and random reasons
I go to church
I have tea with the in-laws 2x per week
I have dinner with my parents 1x per week
I do a lot of research
I go with my husband on reporting assignments often
I post at
I write, rewrite and then rewrite some more
I complain about poor punctuation and bad grammar as well as bad context in advertising
I talk to my husband
I devise ways to keep the cats from ruining everything I own
I sleep about 2 hours longer than I “need” to each night


Not much. I think being busy is highly over rated.

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I feel the same way from my negatives or somthing.

I basically have no choice.
Got up today had to take pool cover off pool, put filter fiber in the pool filter,
adjust pool heater and circulation timers,
put pool cover back on
walk dog twice so far and had to put dog in bathtub to clean her bottom afterwards.
feed dog
put dinner away, clean pots and pans, run dishwasher
had get tv working again for dad because he always hits the wrong button that takes the tv to different input
take shower
help neighbor put his pool cover back into his lanai
weedwacked whole yard

there is never a day where I can sit around with nothing to do

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