How much do you get concerned over your physical health?

In what ways are you concerned about your physical health?

How do you or not do you deal with that?

What do you do to motivate yourself to look after your physical health?

How do you look after your physical health?

How important is it to you to look after your physical health?

Even on this difficult medication.

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I think I’m on track to get premature cancer or cardiovascular disease

If I continue the way I am being.


Daily morning pilates before shower and breakfast.

I even bought 4.5 kg dumbells!

It’s pretty exciting.


That there’s something “invisible” wrong with me like cancer and I haven’t noticed it yet.

Every week when I lose a bit of weight by calorie counting it motivates me to keep doing it.

The only thing I’m doing now is losing weight.

It’s becoming more important as I’m 51.

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That’s good. Good not to overwork oneself. I think weight loss sounds like a nice goal if you are overweight and actually want to lose weight.

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I was really concerned. My physical health was a disaster when I was on 40mg of olanzapine. I weighed 240lbs (I am now 171lbs), my cholesterol and triglycerides and blood sugar levels were sky high, and I developed diabetes. If I had stayed on that medication I would probably have an early death.

I took the initiative to lower my dosage, but I told my doctor I was doing it, and as I lowered my dose my blood tests improved a little and I lost some weight, when I got down to about 10mg I became psychotic again, but I refused to go back up on olanzapine because of how it affected my physical health.

Now I am on 60mg of Lurasidone, I’ve lost all the weight I gained, my blood tests are immaculate and my blood sugar levels are now pre-diabetic. I’m much happier now and no longer concerned.


That’s a great achievement there.

Yea diabetes can be scary when one thinks about the complications.

I have heard good things about lurasidone.

@admiralbarkley seemed to do really well on it too.

Sounds like you do too I mean you’re even working

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That was my doctors primary concern. I don’t know if you know anything about diabetes but there is a test called your A1C and my results were always around 8 or 9 which is really high and puts you at risk for a whole bunch of problems and complications. A normal A1C is around 5.5. I am now averaging around 6.3 so my risk of problems is minimal now.

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That’s a good improvement.

Yea I heard of that A1C thing. Didn’t know the actual numbers though.

Good to know though.

Yea, I have to say I have never heard of anyone ever being on 40mg olanzapine before. I hear of like 10 or 20 mg.

Glad you took the initiative to make a change.

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Yeah, the pdoc didn’t even try 10 or 20mg which made me mad in hindsight. It was straight to 40mg on my first day in the mental health facility, at the time I didn’t know anything or that that was a high dose so I just took it. The manufacturer recommends a max dose of 20mg so 40mg is very high.

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I try to eat healthy-ish. I like vegetables. But I also like carby foods.

I go on lots of walks. Sometimes, I hike in the mountains or go for a bike ride, with my husband.

My husband helps me keep an eye on my blood sugar. My continuous glucose monitor shares blood sugar readings from my phone to his phone. So, I’ll often get texts like “Watch your (blood) sugar”. Lol.


Yeah, it’s been a game changer for me.

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I used to love walks too. But unfortunately haven’t been in the mood for some time.

I think going on walks is one of those things you really need to be in the mood for to be capable to do it, at least for me anyways.

It’s nice that you do that. Good on joints and super healthy

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I see Drs and do blood tests regularly.


To make sure I am healthy.

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I’m due a smear test since like a year ago. Hopefully I’m not developing anything during that time. Since it’s been delayed the check up.

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Quite a lot. Over the last year or so my balance, which was never good anyway, has worsened. I can’t stand for long or walk too far due to chronic lower back pain. Ideally I need to break through the pain barrier but Covid has made me very anxious about going out . There is also the fear of misjudging how far I can walk, and not being able to get back home.


Sorry to hear that Firemonkey

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I weighed 318 lbs at the start of July, now I’m down to 303 as of today. I’ve made it an effort to do less “boredom eating” and go out for fast food less. Honestly my gout flare up last week also helped me lose weight as my foot was on too much pain to go make myself food LOL. I also play Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch, I do the quick play sets and it wears me out within 15 minutes, I love it

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well done man that is good stuff, if that is what you want :relaxed: