How much do you feel your medication(s) side effects hold you back?

I feel mine hold me back by 40 percent.

I don’t feel like Geodon and Seroquel hold me back intellectually, but I do feel like they hold me back physically, and I find it hard not to resent them because of that. Before I took antipsychotics I could do 2,000 repetitions on the jump rope any time I felt like it. I would never miss. Now, the most I can do is 200, and I get winded when I do that. If it wasn’t for the AP’s I still could do 2,000 repetitions on the jump rope. I’m 56, and I’m feeling the effects of age. My body is slowing down. If I wasn’t on AP’s I would not start slowing down for ten more years. I know I have to take my med’s, though. It’s never worked when I haven’t taken them.

I would say that my medicines when given at high dosages like in a forced setting such as inpatient, hold me back 95%. Im struggling just to not pass out. I cant tolerate meds, especially at high dosages. When on Invega I would say 60% for about a year.

Thats what it was like for me.

60-70% , would be my estimate. They keep me sane, but I’m pretty neutralised.

My meds are really holding me back but then again i do have an illness which holds me back too. Got to say i hate meds.

After just going to the emergancy room for all the symptoms of a stroke,dizziness,over sensitive to sounds,ringing in one ear loud,killer deppression,and thoughts that did not make sense,and taking the cat scan,coming up megative for eberything but stress,after that knowledge everythings okay,it was all in my head,meds effect me about 10 percent i think

My meds keep me from working.