How much carbon footprint offset to donate? long old discussion

my father is wealthy and idiotically not green.

he has earned money for the past 10 years based on unethical investing
he has invested and lives off the interest
with climate crisis upon us… i would like to offset the money i get a month indirectly from my mum… about £50.00 a week

We were once more middle class and I burned a lot of carbon with high travel and high fashion lifestyle
I have offset general tonnes for my lifestyle now and doubled it for the past.
That will be a one off yearly payment

  • offsetting tonnes accounted for include heating and miles travelled in a car and life in general.
    my mum is always short
    maybe i should be refusing all money from her
    I’m not solvent and never have been due to ridiculously expensive clobber and have no real excuses - either for living above my means or expecting bail outs

we are down sizing in our house, no longer flying - i am now 100% vegan and will cook vegetarian for about 3 days a week for my husband and try to only buy him poultry and some fish for meat

Towards zero emissions: solar power for heating water and electicity… not buying new clothes or shoes or household items or furniture etc etc etc
maybe 7 x a week he can have meat.
I will be working towards this anyway he likes it 2 x a day

sorry this is long
I do have DLA and ESA (in UK)
That historically has not been enough to get by for my lifestyle
by reducing my carbon footprint it might be

I would like to be in a position to donate all the money i get from my Father.

This would include a trust fund after his death.
There is no pretty way of saying it he is a total “c u next tuesday”

I get something from my husband who works in trains (reasonably eco lifestyle we are moving near where he works this month)
I am asking for birthday and Christmas presents from everyone to go to climate offset charities

Vegan food and eco products are expensive but people get by on so much less.
maybe from £50.00 every £25 make it a set eco payment for my lifestyle (waxed paper instead of cling wrap, the difference for eco cleaning products etc) or anything else needed to be a true-new-eco-warrior
other than this example i’m trying to double any offsets with donations… to make up for the past
and donate £25 (half of what i receive) to myclimate
does that still sound biased towards luxury?

You mean well but this isn’t a place for political talk, it’s pretty controversial.

it is principally not a matter of politics but a matter of reality and financial advice

Alls I’m saying is it’s a worthwhile undertaking but you’ve a little money to consider such things.

I’m on a pension. I do what I can and recycle and do all I can but I’m limited like most in capitalism by my income!

Good for you. I’m glad you can do it but we are a marginalized community with much poverty. Not the best venue for such concerns!


I’m sorry
I have no real contact outside my family (husband sister mum)
i could have found a better forum for this

please take it down someone


It’s all good. Not trying to rain on your parade. Just a suggestion that schizophrenia sets some limits. I applaud you for getting into positive action for our planet. I wish I could do more and I encourage you to move further with things!

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Thanks rogue

I am going to try to be an activist but don’t know how far i can take it

I will take precautions to limit stress, but there must be something i can do
just don’t know where to start
lots of looking at the internet

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Yeah good for you being able to be in a position to fight for some positive change. Take is slowly and have a look around. There’s lots of people who you can hook up with through facebook and other media. Keep stress low. I can relate to that. It does make it hard to be consistent so keep things comfortable for you!

Sorry to be a Debbie downer. I think your attitude is spot on and wish many people could be the same!

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@Toshiko This seems like a good discussion. Did you still want this thread deleted? Let me know.

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i’m sorry if I’ve been like a rpick
Just wanted to get it out there that the message is being responded to… encourage people

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I don’t know
no, leave it up please

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I used to be a big environmentalist, until I realized that Human Beings are becoming extinct

with microchips, AI, robots, automation and other means of meshing man with machine

still I give 10 a month to the Sierra club.

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