How money impacts mental illness

I think this is much more of a problem in the USA than the UK. There was one poster here from the USA who was doing very well until he couldn’t get his meds . Mentally he’s a pale shadow of the person he used to be .

Yah, poor guy went from being an interesting, articulate person to sounding like a poorly programmed chat bot. I feel like broken glass inside every time he shows up and crashes around the forum now. There but for the Grace of God…


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It really shows how important meds can be .

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It cost him his career, his marriage, and eventually his sanity. He’s so bad now I wonder if he can be helped back to where he was.

If the talk about further psychotic breaks = worse functioning, and higher doses needed , is true , too much damage may have been done .

I was told I will get success underhanded …

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