How Marijuana / Pot Impacts Your Schizophrenia / Psychosis Risks

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Cut and dry not good for potentially schizo or schizo people.

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years ago i had a rediculous trip from weed, i thought this shadow guy was pushing a wheelbarrow on the wall , there was a poster on the wall of a woman and her tongue was lashing out at me. and then my blanket looked like a pile of skulls. and… my hearing was so messed i could here the slightest movement way too intensely

It places you more into that half-asleep contiguous trance where you’re going to begin seeing more dream-like visions flashing and overhearing more line noise.

I do suspect that maybe two to three small hits, spaced throughout the day, might be safer than alcohol however for those who feel they have to turn to something to take the edge off (I smoke cigs for instance).

Sometimes an intentionally relaxed and contiguous state via meditation can be of great aid as well as it helps to reboot an overly-stressed mind.

It’s interesting…THC has never triggered symptoms for me and I have a naturally low tolerance for it. I’ve never needed a lot of it to get an effect and when I take most people’s usual dose I get blasted. But no symptomatic stuff or psychotic breaks.

For me the drugs that cause symptoms and breaks are the amphetamine type drugs…those trigger symptoms in me big time after a while.

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