How many years in remission is it safe to say you can come of meds?

I was diagnosed exactly four years ago. Have been in remission since. I am planning to stick to the meds for another year and then plan to come off on my fifth year. I know this is a risk. I am pretty sure my psychosis lasted longer than a month which is why i was diagnosed with schiz. That’s why I am also a little scared. Maybe I should wait until after i finish uni before i come off to be on the safe side.

This is a controversial topic in psychiatry right now.

According to Dr Tom Insel, of the US National Institute of Mental Health, there is conflicting data on remission and discontinuation of antipsychotics.

In some studies, patients who discontinued their APs relapsed within 6 months.

In other studies, patients who discontinued their APs faired well–in some cases better than patients who were medicated.

And in some cases, patients required lifelong treatment, even when in remission.

I think this should be a personal choice made in collaboration with your doc. Only the two of you know what’s best for you.

I hope this helps!




I don’t think there is a set time. I believe it varies from person to person.


I’m on year 6 of really being serious about taking my meds correctly and here at year 6, I’m in no way ready to quit the meds. I have been doing what I can with my Doc to cut the doses down. But to be off them now? Not going to happen for me.

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After four years after my first breakdown, I came off my meds because I was doing very well. I was ok for five years then I had a relapse. As 77nick77 said, it varies from person to person.


after having taken meds for 5 years I came off them in 2011. Five months later I got a relapse and was sent to hospital in April 2012. In June 2012 I came off meds once again, and then was sent to hospital in August. Now I decided to stay on meds lifelong. This is my case.



I would definitely finish school and get a job before you discuss with your pdoc about tapering off meds.

After I started working the stress would make me have a relapse again. Worse each time, I can’t imagine
how bad it would be without meds.

I guess I’m just too scared to play around since I finally found the med that works for me.

I used to say I would ‘last’ at a job for 3 years before they found out my secret.
Then it was 7 year cycle. Then you have to cover everything up and start another.
My latest job liked me so much they know everything and took me back after a month recovery!