How many years did you used your apple laptop?

  • 1 to 5 years
  • 5 to 10 years
  • 10 and more

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My wife’s G3 has made a great coaster for over 20 years.

Toyed with one at an Apple store some years ago. Could in no way justify that price for that average amount of performance. Hard pass.

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I had an apple laptop for awhile when I first got sick. I hated it at first for how different the controls were from a PC. It took me several weeks to learn it, but eventually I became comfortable with it. Then a few years later when I got really sick and delusional the voices convinced me to destroy it. When I was on the up and up again I bought the laptop I’m using now and have been using since I joined the site, my PC laptop, so I forgot how to use an apple. Now when I try to use my mother’s it frustrates me to no end. I just don’t have room in my head for two operating systems I guess!

Occasionally I’ll confuse Linux/Unix commands with DOS commands. What do you mean rm is not a recognized command? Oh right, dammit, del…


Never had an apple laptop. Probably never will.

The battery life is a lot better than a PC. My PC will be dead in under an hour but my airbook back when I had it lasted like 8 hours.

I’ve had mine since 2010…

…Old girl’s still hanging in there.


I had a macbook air a few years ago, it lasted like 10 years or so.

It had is pros and cons.
I could get my python commands executed really quick although I had some trouble installing the packages because the command center was different from windows and had a few more steps to go. I waste some time on installing them and it was a bit nerve racking.
On it’s disadvantages, most of my teachers software ran on windows so I couldn’t install some of their programs, mainly in enzyme kinetics.

If you’re a regular user and don’t want to play any games it’s a great choice, to me it was very nerve racking with all the packages and teachers software that I had to install. After 10 years I changed again to windows.

I have never had an apple one.

I don’t even know what one I’ve got

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