How many women have a male voice as the primary voice?

I’m wondering if your main voice is a Male voice. I am a man and my main voice is male. What does that do to you that your primary voice is a man?

I have a male voice that was my primary voice. I don’t know why. It doesn’t really do anything to me other than intrudes on my life…i can’t imagine it would be less intrusive if it were a female voice. Both would be disruptive.

I have 3 basic voices: 2 female and one male

Ive always had a male head voice… When i did have a female i felt so unconfortable it was the most neg of the voices even if it wasnt the most “evil”… Im a female and i really only feel most comfortable with males…

My main voice Alien is male
I’m female
Dunno why my main voice male but that’s just how it is

I hear multiple voices. I can’t make out most of them as to their genders. But one voice usually stands out and it is always male. I am a female.

Im female and a lot of the voices are male that I hear. Aaron, Devon and Phillip are the main male voices. There’s only one female voice that’s Rebecca

Ok so I a voive that has a mal3 n female wtf
Wt me
They all ways fight me but my stomach makes really weird noises I’m thinking I’m doing a white noise thing with the sounds most I fight letting go

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