How many v cards

How many valentines cards have you sent?
Don’t think I’ve ever sent one

I’ve sent quite a few. Well…more like hand-delivered. My wife has received 6 from me. She didn’t used to like Valentine’s Day before I came along. I made it into something romantic, and now she enjoys it quite a bit.

I programmed one in an EXE one time from scratch for my ex-wife that was all romantic until the last line where I was very sexually vulgar on purpose. Other than that I’ve only done this kind of thing to give those cards out like in grade school where it was expected of us to give everyone else one.

I sent one. Delivered to a friend of his, his friend opened it in front of him and said “Oh, no music!” they all laughed and I never gave a card to a person ever again. I was 10. Heartbroken forever :broken_heart:

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the only time I’ve sent valentines day cards is to my partner, I make her cry sometimes it’s a little mushy but she doesn’t mind.

The last valentines I sent were to my 3 nephews. The oldest one was very happy that I made my own with my own sayings. They were pretty good…

I think they may have been trying to make a lame joke but that’s pretty BS that they didn’t try to know you well enough to see if it would upset you or not before doing something like that.

It’s one thing I mess with people I don’t even know in public or whatever for a cheap laugh, it’s another thing when someone makes someone feel like ■■■■ when they let their guard down for them specifically.

Yeah they were kids… I don’t care much about it now. I was sort of joking. I don’t really care about valentines day. When I was with someone there was always some sort of gift. Cards here are not used much.

I guess I’m just speaking from resentment despite I know the people I grew up with were also kids at the time and kids can be the cruelest creatures in existence because they have no grasp of what they’re doing fully. Though that doesn’t explain why the teachers who were adults liked to treat me like ■■■■ too. :kissing: (<— I thought this was a whistling emoticon but it says kissing but I DUN CARE SCREW THE SYSTEM LOLOLOOL)