How many times you almost end up in jail?


In the winter of 2015 I had my first psychotic break. I was away from home in another neighbourhood and I enter a car and stayed there on the backseat for a couple of minutes. No idea why I’ve done this… and the owner enters the car, saw me, drag me out, beat me a few minutes and later I was called at the police where he stated that I stole 500 euros from him, I did not, I didn’t even touch anything. He wanted to press false charges but I guess he realised false testimony can get you some jail time.


I pulled an all nighter

and fell asleep in a bar
the police officer was not nice
and really roughed me up

spent a night in jail

I was 19


I was in every holding cell, jail and prison in the Province I lived in, :blush:

But with a good excuse :smiley: I worked for the courts LOL :joy::rofl:


I once (in 2012) got busted with four small marijuana plants growing in my bedroom closet.

I definitely would have gone to jail, but apparently I got busted by the most chill sheriff’s deputies in the whole county lol. They just made me cut down the plants, put them in a trash bag, and hand them over.

Whew, did I get lucky!


I should have 4 DUIs, because that’s how many accidents I’ve been in under the influence.

I usually got away without getting in trouble. I have 1 DUI. Now I’m on the wagon.


Only contact with police has been as escorts to hospital. I think that is a major part of their job round here.


I can remember one time where a cop asked if he could search my car. I said “no” but he searched it anyways and he found crack under the passenger seat and a used syringe in my trunk. This cop did not like me one bit and put me in the backseat of his squad car.

I thought I was going to jail for sure but all he did was come back to his car and sharply poke me in the face with his finger several times drawing blood but he let me go. I think he would have loved to put me in jail but I have always thought that a cop may search your car except he can’t search your glove box or your trunk. I believe it was an illegal search and that’s why he let me go.

One other time a task force had parked at a crack house where I had just spent the night. I walked out with a woman I had been partying with that night. The undercover cops stopped me and her and separated us. I had three crack rocks in my shirt pocket. The cops informed me that they knew she was high from smoking crack.

In one of my rare acts of ingenuity, to avoid getting searched, I acted all indignant and I said, " Well, I’m not high". I said it so forcefully and righteously that they believed me and talked to me for a minute more and then let me go.


im not sure, usually when it comes to police I just assume they will take me to jail. I’ve been thrown in for some petty stuff, like hiking on people’s land in the country. one time I got picked up hiking along the side of the road and the officer drove me home…actually that has happened twice.

I’ve probably had 12 charges dropped, all involving police interactions, nothing illegal before they got on the scene so that is why the charges were dropped. it just comes with the territory. a lot of people get locked up in America…more than anywhere else in the world. im not ashamed of myself for anything I’ve ever done legally. im sinless


I’m a boy scout. I’ve never been within spitting distance of a jail.

I’ve been to a courthouse once, that was hell enough for me.

I feel sorry for anyone that’s stuck in jail, it’s one of my big fears.


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