How Many Times Must We Say This? We Need To Stop Using Jails And Prisons As Mental Asylums


In 1961, President Eisenhower warned the country of the impending military-industrial complex, a symbiotic relationship between the military and those industries producing Arms and other military materials, regarded as a powerful vested interest in Congress.

The prison-industrial complex is the same scheme: The overlapping interests of government and industries that produce materials to build prisons (jobs), regarded as a powerful vested interest in Congress.

In other words, the government has a vested interest in putting mentally ill people in jails and prisons in order to create jobs to keep elected officials in Congress.

How do we change this? I think the weak link in the triad is Congress. Imposing regulations and term limits is a good start.


they do benefit from prisons, you’re right, thanks for that.

We have new building opening now for beds for mental health issues

and addiction. I never understood the decision to either go to
psych ward, rehab, or prison. who makes those decisions?

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And stop putting the violent/prison type/drug type people in the mental wards. I’ve had bad experiences with these people. It’s scary.

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yeah, but all they do there is sleep.

perfectly good food, gone to waste.

This is why we need to reopen modern Asylums.
The humane kind.