How many times have you been told you are faking it by a medical professional?

Down playing my condition is not something I do. I think saying I dont talk about my symptoms enough would be fair.

Since I only see the guy a max of 5 mimutes a month, it makes it difficult.

I really would have to spit it out as soon as I walk in.

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This is very true. I was just telling my boyfriend about some really bad hallucinations I’ve had recently and he asked, “How come you never see anything when I’m with you?” I was like, “I do. I just don’t react to it. If I reacted every time I saw or heard something I’d be running around screaming all the time and people would think I was a crazy person. I don’t want people to see me like that.”

If I can control my reactions at all, I will. A lot of people in my life still don’t realize that. It’s frustrating. Sometimes I think it would be easier for me if I stopped trying so hard to appear normal. People would realize how bad it really is. It’s like being punished for trying so hard. It’s exhausting.


Me? Never. Because I always tell them the truth with no exaggerations.

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I used to get the faking-it message from part of my family, but usually indirectly (talking in my presence about someone else). I may have been merely paranoid and personalizing (taking what was said about someone else and substituting me for them). I still get that from my primary care provider. Either I’m “reading in too much” or I have a reason to be paranoid. I guess the answer for me is zero: never been told that.

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All my therapists and psychiatrists were faking being professionals.


Never told it nakedly, but last time I was in crisis, the attending psychiatrist did flat out ask me if I was really in crisis. When I said yes! I was down right losing it! He said that I had just been to hospital a week before and go to outpatient treatment.

Fast forward 12 days, I am back in the ER and under the same attending. Much as his dismay, I am worse and his team suggests inpatient, so he concedes with an air of superiority.

I had never felt so judged about my illness, and it wasn’t even that bad.


I’ve never been told I’m faking but a pdoc once wrote that my illness was “Machiavellian in it’s complexity.”


What is the difference when they say everything but “faking”.

They love the fancy synonyms, dont they?

Never actually. I am always so petrified of having professionals not believe me, probably because my parents constantly refused to believe me when I talked about my experiences, or downplayed them and said I was being dramatic or that I didn’t really know what I was talking about. It made me question my own feelings which is messed up. You should never let someone else be the authority on your personal inner experience because no one else has been through it but you.

Mental health professionals were the ones who actually helped me to realize yes, I did have serious problems and no I wasn’t being dramatic or a hypochondriac.

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I wonder if they say things like that because they have knowledge some of us get government benifits?

It is a big catch 22 loop.

If we need benifits because of MI we have to get it documented by them.

But they claim asking for documentation is scheming.

but if we need benifits because of MI we have to…etc.

round n round

sorry. dont mean to be drag. I should probably stop returning to read this thread as it is depressing.

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The only thing is that my first pdoc said “you know some people fake it.” I later realized he wast just fishing. My new pdoc said I had tons of notes over ten years he couldn’t read them all. He didn’t say anything about me being fake. :slight_smile:

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I thought I was the only person who had experienced this. Thanks guys :heart::two_hearts:

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(State/public) hospitals tend to have room shortage crises almost constantly. Thus they typically only want to take in people who are literally babbling have to be dragged in by someone else out of their mind.

Unfortunately they don’t seem to take into account that if they don’t take in people on the precipice of that that same person is likely going to show up to their hospital very soon again now in the state I mentioned above.


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