How many times have you been told you are faking it by a medical professional?

This post you made is kind of, -

have you ever seen that commercial where a person thonks hisself in the head and exclaims

“I should have had a V8!”

You just did that to me.

Thank you

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Never seen the advert but appreciate the sentiment

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I have spent my whole life perfecting the art of appearing normal. I fly under the radar. What the hell does someone who is struggling with staying attached to reality look like anyway. I’ve been hallucinating in front of other people before and they had no idea. I’ll admit there’s times I must appear strange but not always and the doctors should know this. We don’t all run around with the cut off heads of chickens thereby making their jobs easier. Jeeze.


Preach mum, preach

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I have been accused of it a number of times by people other than doctors but I don’t really remember if the doctors did. The main problem I’ve had is telling people the very embarrassing, disturbing, and disgusting details of what my voices have been saying all these years. As it is I alienated a lot of people when I finally did but I have no trouble making employees at the place I’m treated believe it now.

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well I guess I am preaching a bit. But this pisses me off. We work so hard to keep it together and instead of a pat on the back for all our hard work someone comes along and says we’re a fake. That’s kind of shite. I hope that doesn’t happen to many people.


Sorry mum. Didn’t mean it as a criticism. I meant it saying, ‘you are speaking the truth! Say it louder!’

Have nothing but love for you mum j x


Oh I love you too son. I didn’t take it wrong at all. No worries. I took it as a “preach louder” for sure. lol. But I’m almost done now I think. That just got my goat a bit. It seemed so disrespectful that a doctor would say someone is faking. What do you get out of faking? Sympathy? I never get any. Money? a few bucks a month, you’ld be way better off working, and everyone I’ve met on here would prefer to work if they only could. Meds? we would all rather not take the meds, no one drug seeks aps and ads to my knowledge. I just don’t get it. Ok now I’m done. lol


Didnt mean to upset anyone, but I think It will be said to me soon. That or they will just cut services.

I was wondering how other people handle it, or if there is a good way to handle it.

Why do you think they will say this to you and cut services?

@anon20613941 Not the same thing I know but I think it’s the same with anxiety. If you get what I call inner dread without much of the external physical signs then your anxiety isn’t taken that seriously/seen as being that bad. Certainly those quizzes to see how anxious you are place a big emphasis on physical signs. If you don’t have that many then your anxiety will be labelled as fairly mild even though you may be worrying a great deal.


I don’t think it is a coincidence that the physical like symptoms they take seriously are the same as those that seem to disturb the general public. My point being the doctors only seem to care when you are bothering the tax paying public at large.


Because the ssri they keeping changing or changing the dose of dont work.

Have been using that same pdoc since I think, before October. I must have seen him atleast 10 times.

I always have the same thing to report back “It dont work.”

I am thinking anything else might cost more? or require blood testing, which cost more.

He has not given me anything else, though. I have reported more than just the “anxiety and depression” catch all dx I was given.

So, I think they are not believing me or set to weed me out.


I got palpatations recorded on ekg and sonigram. Will they believe that?

Or will they tell me to go back to the medical side for that, who told me it was because anxiety?:sweat_smile:

I think this is very true. With symptoms that bother the public more likely to occur when in the acute stage of illness. When you are chronically not acutely ill you tend to have difficulties/problems that adversely affect you but don’t bother/upset the public. Psych services tend to shuffle you to the back of the pile for help and support then. It’s especially true if you don’t have anyone near at hand to bat for you re getting that help and support. You can be struggling to live a fully functional life, but if you are not seen as ‘acting out’ then without family at hand to press the case for help and support you are very much put on autopilot.


Once by a psychiatrist. But psychiatrists can be pretty arrogant.

Most of the mental health professionals I’ve met have been caring and professional.


Not all criminals are mentally ill, but all mentally ill are criminals - kind of mentality.

So, I have to do somethimg stoopid?

Do something that upsets Joe or Joanna public and psych services will get right on your case .


ehgghegr… iuhhggh grumble.

I am not the criminally minded type. I think the palpitations really are some health problem.

I am more the depressed calm type. I would make a sh1++y “crazy” person. and I already know they exspevt the person to do a lot of moving around.

TRIGGER WARNING past this point

Just wait till suicidial tendencies kick in after the high doses of ssri are suddenly cut?

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Are you on an AP?