How many times have you been to the hospital?

I see a lot of you have only been hospitalized a few times but for several months at a time. I have never been in the hospital for more than 3 weeks but I have always suspected it is because Medicare only pays for 3 weeks at a time and I am on Medicare. I am in a new relationship and my partner told me that if I don’t take my Risperdal (or whatever med I am prescribed), it’s a deal breaker. I HATE taking my med but now I have to. It makes my me fat, especially my face. I think it might help with my anxiety though.

I probably have been 10-15 times as I lost count

Between 2004-2018

Amisulpride has kept me stable now psychosis wise for 3 years

I’ve lost count… I know it’s a lot though

20-25 times, but none since 2000.


Not sure, maybe 10 times. Probably more.

At least 15 times since 2014

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That’s a HUGE accomplishment!

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I have lost count but probably less that 10 times.

Oh wow! That’s a lot. You must be on some good meds to stay out of the hospital since 2000. Good job!

You’re right in line with me. I had my first episode in 2015. Of course, I still don’t accept that I am delusional. I think my delusion is real; hence “delusional disorder”

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I’ve been hospitalized so many times in my life that it’s literally impossible to count.

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Is your Dx schizophrenia?

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Since 2016 3 times hospilized and twicefor over night stays for anxiety

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I struggle with chronic anxiety. It sucks. I go from mild anxiety to extreme anxiety but it’s never gone.

My diagnosis has been sza, bipolar type for the last 28 years.

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