How many times did you move as a child?

And how did it impact you? I’m studying for one of my psych classes and it says that moving frequently negatively impacts children and puts them at greater risk for emotional or behavioral issues. Some of my worst periods of mental health were after we moved. I have moved 9 times, most of which were just due to my dad accepting promotions or new job opportunities, once was due to my dad losing his job. We may be moving again shortly again due to my dad losing his job, but it has been over a year and he still hasn’t got a new job yet so who knows when or if we’ll actually move.

Anyways I moved once when I was 2 which I don’t remember, I also moved when I was 3 and again when I was 4 but I don’t really remember that either. When I was 6 I remember being very upset that we were moving and throwing a temper tantrum. When I learned we were moving again when I was 10 first I was happy because I wasn’t enjoying school, but then I was sad because by the time we actually moved my issues had been resolved and I was happy where we lived at the time. Then my depression developed…when we moved again when I was 12 I didn’t take it well at ALL, greatly missed my friends and fell into a deep depression throughout the remainder of middle school. We moved again my senior year of high school and that was the worst of all, I was depressed, psychotic, and struggling with PTSD from events of my past psychotic episode. It was a disaster and I was suicidal.

I do think there were a lot of positives in moving, it taught me to be adaptive and good social skills. I also liked seeing all the different places, it helped me gain perspective. But obviously there were a lot of downsides as well.

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I only moved once, when I was four. I only had one friend at the time. She was my next-door neighbor, and our parents were good about letting us visit each other a few times a month. She was just a bridesmaid in my wedding.

As an adult, I’ve moved around so much I lost count. It was much harder to move then, because I had to worry about where I was going to live and what kind of job I would have.

I never moved. Although my fantasy world moved like three times in 4 years :confounded:

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What do you mean your fantasy world moved? O.o

I created a fantasy world on the internet where I created a false grandiose self as a way of coping, although it caused me to completely lose touch with reality. At first I was from one place then I kept changing my mind as to where I wanted to be from. I ended up in Brooklyn, New York at the end though :blush:

I think I couldn’t make up my mind as to which Brooklyn neighborhood I was from though! That kept changing too!

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I went to high school in Brooklyn. wasn’t fun. I almost got jumped there by 3 guys.

I’ve never moved before, though. I remember one summer I got paranoid, ran away from home, and ended up in Syracuse. could’ve spent my whole life as a hobo there, because I had to walk hundreds of miles to get back to New York City without any cash for transportation. Luckily, I collected some money around Syracuse, to take a long long long bus ride back home.

Why in the name of all that is holy would you ever go to Syracuse?

I visited my friend twice at cuse. Skipped out on class for a 5 day weekend and partied my a off. Back right around the time the skizzle was really coming on.

I just don’t see the appeal.

I moved a lot my entire life, I get antsy and begin to want to move, usually a few months later I’m on a new place. I’m trying to change that though.

So I moved from Macao to Portugal and from Portugal to Macau and then from Macau to Portugal again, I moved houses a gazillion times, when I was sharing apartments with friends the longest I lasted on a place was two years. Then I would have to move again. I stopped counting, but by my calculations I must’ve moved at least 14 times my whole life.

Next time I move it will be to my own apartment, not sharing again, and not staying forever at my mom’s.

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Before I raised abilify to X dose…I couldn’t stay in the same place for more then a month in a row. I ran away from two rehabs after a month. Ran away from the group home in two stays, after a month. Then ran away from the sober home every month. But those bastards kept letting me stay! Bestards! Then I raised abilify to 20 mg and all of a sudden I didn’t have the desire to run away. I also couldn’t stay at home. It’s a symptom of the sz I think. Although meds stopped it for me.


Glad meds stopped it for you. I’m thinking of moving to a small city near the beach, next. I don’t really know how I will get money to live, but I’m pretty set on moving there eventually. That would probably be my last move, or not, maybe a retirement home right there at the end :slight_smile:

Actually I experience that antsy feeling too lol. Hunger for new experiences and faces I suppose.


I had moved 13 times before I moved out of my parents house at 18.
Had been living in this house for 33 years. Never going to move again.
Never say never.


that’s a lot of moving. I don’t like going outside, so moving that much would’ve been annoying. I think the only people, who would move that much, are military families.

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Once, but I was too young to even remember it.

@Prince_Boring My dad retired from the Navy when I was 9. We moved more after he retired then when he was in the Navy.

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oh, that’s interesting. it’s nice to know your father retired with a successful career in the Navy.

I’d probably not live too long in the Navy, especially since I suck at communicating. and they say communicating is important, on the battlefield

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More times than I can remember…


I moved three times as a child and about twelve times or more as an adult. To different cities and another country. When I was a child, especially the time when I was 8, and we moved it had a major impact. Some bad things happened in the new place, which didn’t really help. It’s the first time I started to have issues with myself and my family. It went better after a while though, after a year maybe.

I wish to move one more time. One day I wish to have a house with a little garden, with enough space for my son and me. If I ever succeed, that’s where I want to stay forever.