How many times did you love?

For me
I admired or loved too many girls
May be 10 but i didnt talk to them i just admired from far away
I am 27 y old now


Reminds me of the old joke…

Guy: “You just look so different today”

Gal: "How do you mean that?

Guy: “I’m not used to seeing you without binoculars.”



Only one truthfully and honestly this person I gave all of me and I did everything to change and be better. All the others was I want to be loved but couldn’t change.

I try to love everybody

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Not so many times being in love with someone, but i really liked many girls so far…

I have known love in my life. I have had a reasonable childhood and a few girlfriends. I hope that I can draw the strength from it to continue. It must be possible to get a normal life again. I try everything I can. I am really happy with this forum that I can tell stories and things. And ask questions. With people who have experienced the same thing. And know the pain that is going through. I call that love also. peace!

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