How many szs can society support?


The normies are the ones who keep truckin’ and provide for we szs. They deserve our respect.
It has been said that the human race itself is mentally ill. So if normies don’t understand us, maybe it is because their work will not allow them to be as free as we. I hope to repay them some day in some way.


Have you ever seen the film Powder? In this film a youth has a rare condition that sets him apart from the masses. He also has a photographic memory and some, what you would call, way out there abilities. Some of the normies shunned him. Some sought to build relationships with him. In one scene, Powder puts the hand of a hunter on a dying deer’s body so that the hunter could experience the suffering of the deer. I won’t discuss the film further in case you watch it, if you haven’t already.

I brought up the film because some normies are not aware of forms of isolation–and as civil societies bring outreach solutions to all who face isolation, the normies will change their attitudes.



No, I haven’t seen that film. Was Powder a vegan? If it is a movie, I can probably get it out of our library.


I am not sure if he is? I do know Powder is kick ass far as compassion goes.

I am not so easy with giving all normies a free pass, to be honest. Having been isolated in the past makes it very, very, very hard for me to trust folks.

There is sadness in the film.