How many rounds youll last?

I never had sex 2 times one after another.
I only had a girlfriend and we did it once but there were so many thoughts on my mind and I could not do it the second time even that she wanted it.
That was days before my first psychotic break

This illness can affect your sexual performance/your sexual drive… Don’t sweat it…

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Now I’m sure I can last 2 rounds at least BC of good meds

My first time was with a hooker who kept saying -hurry up! Hury up now before somebody sees us. I was 16

Go to one1 1t1t

Huh? 1515151515

You can pay for sex, you know that right? Its not a big deal

Hey, I hope you do have sex some day, but I gotta say: it’s a million times better with someone you care for…
I think the best kind of drive is looking for someone to love and care for and then the sex just happens naturally…
Don’t look for sex, look for a partner…


Oh I get it now. Yeah, I knew that and have thought about it especially when I lived in Los Angeles. I’d rather not have to pay though. I’m not sure it would be worth it.

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I’m hoping for a partner for companionship. We’d spend much more time together doing other things besides sex.

Exactly, I had a girlfriend a few years back before my illness and the moments I cherish most are just like laying in bed laughing or being close to someone…
Sadly I purposed to her while I was ill and since then she pretty much cut contact with me, ouch…
I wonder what she’s up to now…

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You don’t know until you try. I think you need to try almost every thing you can do on this planet at least once

There’s definitely lots of things worth trying and that I want to do. I still have time to enjoy life and do a lot more.

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