How many people on here are stable on just one medication

I’m hoping I’ll eventually level out and only need to be on one medication but I want to know how realistic this is. How many of you are stable on just one med and what medication is that?


Hi @Hanna_Foxx! I consider myself stable and I only take one antipsychotic, Vraylar. I take a rare 1/2 a Xanax too. I try to stay away from the Xanax for the most part though.

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iam stable with one medication Xeplion 100mg.

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I take 400mg seroquel xr for psychosis, the only med I take and iv’e been stable for years

I on on Olanzapine 5mg,it causes weight gain but keeps me stable

i take one and its a low dose, i take 200mg amisulpride daily

I take one ap which is Amisulpride 800mg a day. I also take an ad which helps as well

I’m stable and take just 15mg abilify. But I don’t have a mood disorder. If I had a mood disorder then I’d have to take a mood stabiliser too.

I’m just on paliperidone trevicta . I am fairly stable psychiatric problems wise .

I am stable without any medications.

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I’m stable on 6mg of risperidone

Abilify max dose is 30mg right?Your on a balance dose.
Olanzapine max dose is 20mg,I am on a quarter dose which is 5mg.I did ask the doctor to increase my meds once or twice,he always persuade me not to in the end

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I’m stable on Abilify injection, fairly low dose

I’m on one anti psychotic. Aripiprazole 400mg depot. I do have some paranoia though.

I take only one antipsychotic, Abilify. But I also take two antidepressants, Citalopram and Trazodone.

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I only take Invega Sustenna monthly injections so just one antipsychotic and I take one antidepressant which is Wellbutrin.

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Risperidone as my anti-psychotic plus Wellbutrin and a couple of other pills for mood, etc , (can’t remember their names)

I was mostly curious about those who only took one psychotropic medication. So like one antipsychotic and no mood stabilizer or anti depressant. I’m diagnosed sza and they go back and forth saying I’m depressive type or bipolar type. But I don’t think bipolar type because I’ve been doing pretty well off of lithium now.