How many people here abstain from alcohol and street drugs?

Nevermore said the raven.


lol sounds like Edger Allan Poe

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I experimented with almost every drug at some point, but I was an alcoholic and opiate addict for years. I’m almost 3 years clean from drinking, and about 8 years clean from opiates. I don’t take anything I’m not prescribed anymore. Hell, I even quit smoking cigarettes lol.


I don’t drink or do illegal drugs but my wife is an alcoholic.

I am addicted to Lunesta and a good nights sleep and I know it. If my doc tried to get me off of it I would go doctor shopping.

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I quit smoking pot when I joined the Marines and Nancy Regan was a good incouragment, lol . I quit drinking 7 years ago. I never really smoked much seen my Dad hacking up his lungs as a kid and later getting lung cancer.

i did almost every drug i could there’s a big list
ecxept heroin and used to smoke pot everyday
and drink in the weekends was going pretty ok
then got ill last week.think will never do any drugs
(besides prescription) in my entire life wich is bad because i enjoied being high oh i did!

I’m responding to this email.

I abstain from alcohol. occasionally I smoke marijuana with friends.

Off the cigarettes for 7 years. Still drink but cutting down and trying to behave. Too much of anything is usually a problem but if you can handle the expense and the health consequences it is your life!

Dont Drink barely ever.

Never done hard drugs.

Smoke Weed.

yes, but weed may trigger a worse episode.

but I agree with you. weed is better than alcohol.

it’s not a myth. you just read the articles that support your statement. there are many other articles.

Its the biggest study theyve ever done on it to mg knowledge

In any case im not concerned.

Here’s the actual study, not the selective reporting on it from a pro -cannabis website. Cannabis use was acknowledged as a risk factor for developing psychosis and was implicated by the study in increased anxiety, depression, and loss of functionality.

When citing scientific papers, please make sure to use trusted science and news sources, not publications promoting a specific agenda.

There was no evidence of a specific association between cannabis use and positive symptoms, or negative symptoms, relapse or hospital admissions.

Thats from the link you just posted.

Argue with that quote.

Here’s the whole quote:

Results: There was no evidence of a specific association between cannabis use and positive symptoms, or negative symptoms, relapse or hospital admissions. However, a greater dose of cannabis was associated with subsequent higher depression and anxiety. Change in the amount of cannabis used was associated with statistically significant corresponding change in anxiety scores, but not depression. Additionally, reductions in cannabis exposure were related to improved patient functioning.

Which is why we ask that you don’t cite pro-agenda publications that either don’t mention things that don’t support their views or bury them deep in the copy.

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weed ain’t good for schizophrenia. I know that!