How many people do you talk to inside a day?

I only talked to customer when I need to work,sometimes when in good mood I would talk to my father or mother once in a while


Between 10 - 30 customers depending on the day. About 5 - 10 co-workers. (This is all via phone.) And my wife and kid at home.

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Dad who I live with but on phone probably another a day plus the usual hello’s and courtesies when out and about shopping etc. I would talk to a friend once a week at the minimum.


My mom and dad, sister in law, niece, mother in law, cousins, my friends. Husband when he’s at work. Sometimes my neighbors, but not too often.


My family and visitors including my neighbour.
But now because of corona, only my family; mother, father and two brothers.

I like my neighbour but he has epilepsy and did brain surgery. Once he had epilepsy when driving and hit many cars, he was close to death and killing ppl. He lost consciousness while driving. Good thing I wasn’t with him like usually!
Anyways, the police removed his licence.

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My kids. Everyone else I text

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Today I talked to 9 people.

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My mum, both my grandmothers, my bro and my partner and maybe a few friends now and again

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I live alone. I’m lucky to have the internet to socialize and make a few friends. I have difficulties making friends in society. Society can be very harsh.

My husband and my 6 kids, 1 lives on her own, and who ever calls on the phone. We get a lot of calls since quarantine began. Teachers and counselors from school

I might talk to one or two people a day. Maybe an acquaintance or alternatively a grocery store employee or maybe a cab driver or a nurse. Those are IRL examples. I talk a lot on

I only talk to my mom

I don’t talk to other people that much, especially on the weekends. On the weekends I might say hi to a couple of people, but I don’t really talk to them. Mostly I stay in my room.

On a day to day basis I really just see my mother. Sometimes if I’m feeling OK, I might call my younger brother.
I wouldn’t mind having more meaningful relationships in my life.

Partner, daughter, mother in law, and father in law. The people I live with. I almost never talk to anyone else. Except all of you.

My kids, husband, and on therapy days I phone Christine, and pdoc days I have to do video but I just set phone facing ceiling and she’s ok with that. As long as she can hear me she’s good. I don’t get phone calls usually, texts from restaurants and book stores for coupons. Etc.

Most teachers email me or will email me to have hubby call them…I have not be a nice person to the school district admin…I threatened bodily harm to the high school VP because he’s one of those that think women are pretty useless…so maybe a few too many ■■■■ off you ■■■■■■■■ during an IEP meeting in Feb didn’t help. Man wouldn’t address me at all, but once hubby walked in the room, his attitude went from being a superior to agreeing to everything John said was going into IEP.

Three people, two people by text, one everyday in person

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