How many of you were insecure adults?

I was insecure all through my 20’s and into my 30’s. It would manifest as me talking too much. I would get nervous before meeting people and as a sign of trying to connect with others, I would talk way too much, almost incessantly, trying to connect with them.

Were you insecure? How did it show?

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I was less insecure when my wife was alive and well and was the main decision maker. Now it’s hard to tell where the anxiety ends and the fear begins.

There is no past tense about it. I’m 55, and I’m still insecure. I deal with it by isolating.

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i still am an insecure adult !?!
take care

I’m insecure around other people. I’m insecure about my position within society.

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I was insecure so I didn’t become an adult.


I was a deeply insecure teen…I’m much better now though and have regained most if not all of my confidence.

It was mostly due to the fact that I was in a very cruel friend group who criticized me 24/7 on anything and everything. I used to brush my hair after every class. I started wearing makeup for them. When we had sleepovers I slept in my makeup because I was too insecure to be seen without it. Every time I picked my outfit in the morning I was worried what they would say about it this time. I bought push-up bras because they would tell me my boobs were saggy. Sometimes they would just stop talking to me for no reason. It was really terrible. I’m so glad we moved away.

The older I get the less insecure I become. When I’m on my deathbed will I lament a life wasted on fear and worries?

Karl,I am insecure,I don’t wanna be like you having insecurities throughout my 20s and 30s,maybe I would ask for benzo

I hope you will get off your insecurities soon…are you staying with anyone in your life??

Sorry,but that sounds horrible

I was not insecure before I got ill. My ADHD made me jump into situations without further thought of if it was okay to do so or not. I was in negotiations with my boss several times when he wanted to fire ppl. Saved three co-workers from getting fired.

But now…I am insecure. I believe ppl talk behind my back and that my boss believes I’m a retard.

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I am an insecure adult too. An insecure senior citizen in fact.

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