How many of you thought you were the Son or Daughter of God


I did. Did you? …(15 characaters)


In my religion everyone is a son or daughter of God.


no, but i am the son of the devil, does that count !?!
take care


I didn’t think I was… but I was SURE God sent my kid sis down because I needed some extra help in life.


Not the son, but his right arm. Sent to cleanse this world with fire and purify it in the flames of righteousness. To slay the scum who have infested this world and drown the nations in blood.

Or something like that…it’s been a while.


I thought I was king of the world.


“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.” - 1 John 3:1 (KJV)


In the traditional life,when you are a person without sz;
you have the free volition to accept or reject any religious belief.

it is possible to belief or not belief
but,in the schizophrenic life,when you are a person with schizophrenia,the
issue is vary different,because you inter a religious war “never stop” with
the imaginary people {what you call the voices or hallucination/devil }

all your religious beliefs has been attacked by the imaginary people,
you will pay the price if you belief in some mythological beliefs !!

wherever,an alteration in the core of ID of the person will be occurred to become a
hallowing ID {including all possible hallowing IDs }
thus the person with sz becomes have a conviction that ;
he is a hallowing personality similar to the hallowing religious personalities
that he belief in !

it is possible that,the person with sz {during the early first stage of sz}, claims that ,he sees or hears the God and makes discussion with him,or
he is the God himself, or {son} of God,prophet…etc the hallowing personalities

these deceptive claims are the worst manifestation of the sz effectiveness on
the religious beliefs of the victim ,because he becomes foolish person in the eyes of his family members,community individuals and others

IN SUM,the schizophrenia is a practice laboratory to the personal religious beliefs,wherever the imaginary people {the voices /devils …etc} never ignore /neglect your beliefs without
twiddle or alteration !

in the normal life of any human being without sz,these event does not exist,wherever the person have the free volition to keeps or twiddle/alteration his religious beliefs as he wants
without inner intervention of any otherness


What good is it if it is merely a thought ?

Hang on a sec…let me think about that.


If you have Anunnaki (alien) ancestry you are not the son of the devil, though some misguided Christians believe that is the satanic or serpent/dragon bloodline… actually,

"the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Genesis 6:2 -4

See, not sons of the devil…

Of course you will find things like this if you do a Google search, but sorry, they were angels, the Watchers, not followers of Satan…


No in my case I didn´t have that delusion; I had others such as persecution, grandeur or reference; one of them was I felt myself extremely hansome, I saw me on mirror I thought that I was very very hansome; it was a crazy idea.


Simple questions;
what is your understanding of your personal ID before you have the schizophrenia?
what is your conviction of your personal ID after you have the schizophrenia ?

we are the sons of Adam"first human being",we are not the sons of devil or else
If Adam is son of something,he is the son of earth,he comes from the soil of earth
by the free will of the creator “if you are religious” or by temper of the nature "if you are impious "
-the devil can not delivery a human being
-we and devils are just a different creatures
-,the devil beings is the main enemy for human beings and vice versa is correct

-the human being have seek to make the goodness and avoid the badness for himself or others,while devil being have intent to make the badness only toward his enemy in all possible positions !

all badness thoughts/feelings are the devil messages “inspiration” to the mind/emotion of human being,
-if the human being accept the content of the devil message {because he believes that the message can achieve some utility },and he has seeks to transformation it into human behaviors,then the human being becomes the badness maker !
-and if he reject the devil message,the human being achieves overcome his enemy

-the human being is just a host for devil being ,and any real schizophrenic person can see /hear /perceive this phenomenon face to face inside himself thousands time every day without stop

the normal human being {person without sz} believes that his mind or subconsciousness
is the inspirer of the bad thoughts,while any person with sz can see face to face the actual inspirer "devil /the voices/hallucination/psychosis factor }


Adam is man from earth. As I stated, the Bible, Sumerian tablets and some other writings speak of the angelic ones, sons of God, the Watchers/ aka Anunnaki who mated with humans of earth. These are not devils but not completely human from earth.

Even demonic inspired breeding programs which may be what the grey alien abductions are involving genetics and DNA manipulation trying to produce a race with so called alien genetics would not be devils, even if the greys are devils. the reason being it would not be an individuals fault they were genetically altered and they still have a massive amount of human from earth genetics. Therefore they are not devils and would have the choice to choose to do good or evil, and to turn to Jesus. The only exception might be the Antichrist which is just one person and he is probably not only genetically engineered, he is groomed from birth, chosen by evil ones, and becomes possessed as well.


i was programmed to believe that max was the immaculate conception…not from god but from an out of body relationship with some twat. i sort of fell for it for a couple of months. it’s amazing what you can get someone to believe if you hurt them enough.


I thought that the meaning of my husband and I sitting on a bed and a nurse coming over for assessment was kneeling before us and asking if I would be the mother to the second coming of Christ
I turned him down, thought it might be too much pressure


One time, only one thought for but a moment.

I was out there early in the morning by myself as usual and i thought “im jesus”. About one or two seconds later they said in my mind “see, thats how we do that to people.”

It felt like me, it sounded like me, but it wasn’t me at all and they just told me it wasn’t.

It was some very creepy #$it. Really really creepy, to creepy, help, i need out of here.

(I’ve found a way to not cuss.)


Lol yep that was one of my more prominent and scary delusions. Lasted about a year or so I think.


I believe in reincarnation. I also believe that as we are now are who we are, not who we may have been or will be, that our souls rebirth but that does not mean we are the same again and again, but that we carry on traits.


So,your system belief based on the reincarnation phenomenon "soul rebirth "
wherever we are now as we are,and there is a possibility to come again and again
but not as we are now

-do you have an realistic evidence to prove the credibility of your belief ?
-for example,do you have actual self-experience with the phenomenon of "soul rebirth " ?
do you came to the life before now in different entity or personality ?

-you have the free will to write chemical/genetic article ,or social dramatic story ,
or psychological plot /or the content of your religious belief,but we supposed that
you should make a relationship between what you were said and the events of
schizophrenia case {for example the claims of the schizophrenic about his personal ID"

so that,the critical point is related with the actual effect of the religious belief on the
claims of the schizophrenic about his ID and the case that he coexist with

you said “we are now are who we are”
this is correct,but the question;who we are ?
we are the sons of God,or the sons of the first human being that have been established in the earth?
=for the religious person,we are a creatures of God or the sons of God ?
what about the animals kingdom ,wherever the same condition, for example,the first tiger
is coming to the life without father /mother,and all tigers now are the sons of the
first tiger…

who is comes first,the chicken or the egg ?
who is comes first,Adam or his sons ?
who is comes first,the father or his children ?

the egg =the son /children
-there is no egg without unity of cock and chicken.
if you believe that,the egg is coming first,this means that
the human children/son is coming before his mother /father !
thus,if Adam is coming to the life as a children,he will be die
from the hunger !
this means that,the first human being has been established
in the earth as a man,adult creature not a child /son

there is no son/children without unity of father and mother,
while the first human being or any organism has been
established in the earth from the components of the earth its self
without needing to any father or mother {whatever the develop stages}


I felt i was a prophet!