How many of you people were told by voices to

How many of you people were told by voices to run through the streets completely naked ?

Instantly this appeared.

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I was told one way to get away from the surveillance would be to wait till its night and everyone is asleep and then run away without my clothes (so that I didn’t have any tracking devices in my clothes). I never tried that though

I was told that this act of insanity was a method of escaping one reality, and moving on to an other.

In other words, do something that you would never ever ever ever ever do in your sane mind, and that this was the secret of escape.

In other cases, it was to trust those who a sane mind would never ever ever trust to again move from one reality to another.

meanwhile, the impression was being given that this was the only way to move to a better being, a better level.

Command halluicenations ?

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My aunt did that. Never asked why.

I’m surrounded by dinguses. Beer drinking dinguses.

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