How many of you only need 8 hours of sleep?

I don’t like sleeping for less than 8 hours a night.

before I had schizophrenia I use to be able to go a day or two without sleep, now I get my eight hours of sleep everyday

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I usually need 10 - 12 hours.

I need about six hours a night. Getting about two or three right now. I hate moving stress.

I’m down to 8 or under from 10. Only thing that changed was a lot of exercise. Mostly walking fast early but moving to other things.

I used to feel cheated sleeping 10 or more. I’m happy with 8 or less.

That is winning Charlie Sheen style :slight_smile:


I got about ten hours sleep
My therapist told me to stay up later so now I stay up extra hour I feel that I need sleep more than a normie

Usually 5-8 hours is enough for me. Though i start feeling very tired in the evenings and try not to nap.

Normally I need to sleep 9 or 10 hours.

I honestly don’t know how many hours I sleep. At least 5 hours for sure, but i laz in bed for 4 hours as well. I always wanted to make logbook which includes mood, diet, sleep, activities and such. I want to include the moonphases as well as for example on a full moon you are 1.5 kg lighter. I think the moon has a big influence on us.

When i go to work i usually sleep at 9pm and wake up at 7.50-8.00 am. So thats a lot sleep but for us it s good things to sleep lot because our brain has to handle chemical balances.

I also am not sure hw many hours I sleep.

11 hours minimum

That is interesting as I started exercising a couple of weeks ago every day and now I am down to 8 from 10 hours.

I’m also dieting of under 1500 calories a day. Perhaps, that will also affect it.

Exercise leads to lack of need to sleep seems counter intuitive, but perhaps it is true.


I found this:

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I can get away with 5 hours or so.

On Haldol, I crashed for 12-13 hours a night. Now on Zyprexa I have a lot more energy. I usually sleep 8-9 hours a night, and it’s fine for me.

Sorry got to be 12 hours 5 - 5 am for me. Any less and im a moody little sh!t all day lol.

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