How many of you haven’t been floridly psychotic

Just curious :confused:


Fancy word there “floridly”. Had to look it up.

I have been floridly psychotic. I was completely out of touch with reality at times.

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I had definitely lost the plot when off my medication.

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I have been full bloom psychotic yes. I believed that the government was reading my mind and harassing me via satellite.

And that the whole world, including the people on TV, were in on it

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i have been floridly psychotic… well i don’t know about the word floridly but i think it was… now i’m doing pretty good with the right meds.

I’m an English translation major and I’m very proud of you for using fancy words.

Yes, I’ve been floridly psychotic. However, my condition may be due to an organic brain disease. So I don’t know if sz was a warning sign of my physical disease or what.

It’s not a fancy word lol

i think it’s pretty fancy =)

I have no idea!