How many of you have visits from social worker?

My social worker at the hospital I go to visits my apartment once every two weeks just to see how I’m doing.

She always visits me around noon, and we talk for about 20-30 min at a time.

It’s really helpful for me, and I always feel better after her visit.
When I’m doing good, it becomes a cheerful chatter, and when I’m feeling a little unwell, I can talk to her about it for some advice. She once even drove me to the hospital to see my doctor when I was feeling unwell.

So I wonder how many of you have visits from your social worker.
If so, how often is it?
Is it helpful?

The last time I had a social worker that visited me regularly was for a few months in 1981. He visited me while I was in a half way house for the mentally ill.
I did have contact with a social worker while under the rehab and recovery team in 13/14 but only because one had to be a proxy care co ordinator for me to get help from the rehab and recovery team. She and then he(the first one went on assignment elsewhere) didn’t see me regularly and were just there to supervise my being under the R&R team.
Contact with the social worker ended when my time with the R & R team was up.

I have not even visited a psychiatrist in over a year I have zero support from the team. They see me when needed and then discharge me. I’m going in for a review today.

I asee a community psych nurse at home. He visits every month. he is good. I like him.

After I left hospital and was transitioning to living on my own… I had a social worker come by once a week and check in on me… make sure I was still Ok.

It helped. Eventually though I was stable enough that he had to go help others.

I typically used to get monthly visits, but since she has so many clients she prioriotizes them over me because they are in dire straights compared to me.

My situation has leveled out quite nicely and I am comfortable mentally, just not physically, with my situation. She hasn’t visited me in several months, but that’s perfectly fine. I really do not need visits but she does so because it is part of her job.

My pdoc at the V.A. wanted to set me up with a social worker home visit. But they only travel up to 60 miles. My home is about 70 miles from them.