How many of you guys work?

Im interested, I live in Aus i use one at a time exemptions for free courses. Eh… a benefit from the illness i suppose? :stuck_out_tongue: msg back friends.

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I am unemployed due to sz …

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If it wasn’t for my own little self employed business as a commercial fisherman, I’d have to go on disibility. Its just me Out on the water fishing for Dungeness crab in Alaska. It fits and I’m a natural to it although the engineering on engines/maintence comes difficult. The fishing part comes easy.
Im lucky I have this cause honestly some days I can barely do this let alone work anywhere else. If I did have to work anywhere else I’m afraid it would be part time only if I even could handle it.


Wow, ur the first person ive talked to that lives in Alaska… amazing… i have never seen snow :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. we don’t normally get too much snow cause I live in the oceanic climate zone part of Alaska. Tons of rain. But, It was close to 70 out today it was nice

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U must live in the tropics?

Australia? tehe

Whoaaa that’s so cool!

Do u see koalas & kangeroes?

Ehh I think so in the zoo’s maybe? oO

I’m on Disability but I am looking for a little part-time work.


I have not held down many jobs and I had difficulties .

Longest I have had a job is one year.

I do not feel I can work anymore.
I feel like I have a hole in my head n am brain damaged a lot of the time and have symptoms and social difficulties etc

I feel that taking care of myself,home etc is enough right now but I do want/hope to volunteer work at place I can do so.

It depends on the people, the work tasks , how I am feeling etc

I want to get on the pension and then feel well enough to volunteer work for meals on wheels or something similar.

Doing pretty simple tasks really.
Last time I worked there I packed meals.
I wouldn’t mind cooking either or washing up.
But I can’t deliver the meals .

I have difficulties driving to new places, finding etc

It depends on how they treat me too.

I once worked at a cafe in Australia and the owner/boss yelled and screamed and always was swearing but I still actually liked her and the job.
She yelled f### a lot and was extreme red head and even told a customer to f### off for criticising something at the cafe.

I could take that.
Then and there.

But I had other ones seem and act nice but talk to me belittling, ridiculing , etc
And had beliefs about mischief they were up to such as attacking me , setting me up etc

I get overwhelmed and exhausted easily.
After shopping groceries or doing activity I need line time and rest.

I have had customers tell me how much change they are to have cause my mind went blank and I could not function.

I sometimes loved maths but I feel that I have become more brain damaged with age.
Maybe due to psychosis,medication etc

I have worked as a terrible stripper.
Man I sucked!!!:flushed::frowning:️:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::ghost:

I was not popular either and did not make much money off it.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Not enough to support myself most nights.

I worked at a cafe washing dishes, making coffee and sandwiches, basic cleaning and food preparation.

I worked weeding gardens.

I couldn’t do that anymore cause I forget what’s what etc.

I worked as a sterilisation nurse, sterilising equipment.
That was good to get my own room.

I worked at a kiosk /cafe in aged care home where we got that job through a Activity centre for mentally disabled people and it was as a volunteer .

I worked at a road house cafe doing food prep and dishes.

I worked as a cleaner cleaning private home.

I worked as a aged care worker but could not manage socialising part.
Maybe if I had just one client and no more and I felt comfortable with that person it could be doable.

It took me two years to get my aged care certificate and I paid for it with my own money.

I want to volunteer work when I am ready.
I do not want employment because I do not feel up to it.

I need stability etc and almost had a few break downs recently and just had hystoskopy and am worried etc

Pension would help me immensely but I still want to do my best and improve such as go for daily 30 minutes walks, water plants, take care of pets , feed and cook for us , bike ride to post office, manage hygiene and home, and hopefully be able to do lovely volunteer work.

My boyfriend volunteer works .

Of course I have been a workaholic with my eons etc and paid fortune in tax etc but my body and person does not get paid for that I guess so…

But my body and person is as is and my spirit and eons is as is and these do not come together most as such …


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Im retired 151515

I haven’t worked since 2007. I want to work but too afraid of people

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I am legitimately retired too but am contemplating going back to work. I got a referral yesterday for a GS12 job with the federal government in the town I want to move to.

I hope I get an interview would like to have that job. Nothing wrong with getting a second retirement. I am still young enough to do it.

I couldn’t deal with people anymore so I applied to get my Social Security early based on disability. It’s not much but I try hard to make it stretch to feed my family and keep the lights and internet on. If I’m careful I can save for birthdays and Christmas (oh and a chocolate bunny for Easter)

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