How many of you are in college or currently employed?

If so what’s your major or what do you do for work? I’m in my junior year of college and I’m majoring in urban planning.

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I’m working part-time as a licensed massage therapist. I also have a bachelor degree.


In cyber security major, cognitive function seems a bit bad due to medicine but I have to make do with it


One of the women I met on bumble is in the process of becoming a massage therapist and she asked me to be a body model so she and her friend could practice on.

Free massages! :sweat_smile:


Yesss. Take advantage of the free massages!


I have one year of a cyber security AAS done, but i’m saying screw it and i’m just going to get certifications. I’m starting with A+, but i will also get network+ Or CCNA to broaden my potential prospects. I think the hardest thing for me is focusing. My brain goes all over the place and it is hard for me to just do one thing and focus on it.

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My major for my AA degree is Humanities. It won’t get me a job but it’s easy to spell. Currently in the janitorial profession.

Just recently got a new job at a sushi resaturant as a kitchen hand. Going to try to stick to it at least 6 months and attempt to get a good rep there so i can move on to something more enjoyable.

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I’m in college just studying now, don’t work at the time since now i want to fully focus on my studies.


Full-time insurance broker.

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Urban Planning is pretty neat.

Took a couple courses on it back in college.

Went to school in an urban setting, so lots of real-world applications there.

Best of luck! :+1:

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Account manager in sales

I’m a night shift cleaner :sleeping:

Right now liberal arts but going into health care

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