How many of you are heavy smokers?

i am… two pack a day sometimes more
even quited for a two years period but than started again
gained like 10kg for those 2 years
im not quiting again but maybe i go on nicotine patches or vaping

me :blush:. 2 packs per day and i feel it badly already… But i cant stop them, really, its too hard now. maybe in the future i can decrease the cigarettes…

I smoked 1 pack a day averaged over 10 years. For maybe 1 year 2-3 packs a day and i developed nasty smokers cough. Public housing has gone non smoking so i have to go outside now, cut back to 13 a day. No cough, occasionaly i cough up brown phlem but that hasnt happened in a week.

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I’m a heavy vaper!!!


There’s an old Bill Hicks joke

“I smoke. About 2 lighters a day”

But I used to smoke about a pack and a half a day before I started vaping. Now I just vape and don’t smoke at all. Vaping people. VAPING ! You have to try it.


15 cigarretres a day more or less.

Me. I picks cigs up off the ground, rip off the filter, and smoke them in an aluminium bowl because I have no monies and I’m addicted. Brb

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I think that for me it’s not feasible to quit. Especially a substance available so widely such as, tobacco, ethanol, cannabis.

I have been a heavy smoker since my illness and I recently tried to quit and went for 10 days. I’m going to try again in about a month

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I flip flop from smoking and vaping I try and vape more then I smoke. But when I do smoke I go thru about a pack a day.

I am 43 and have never even tried a cigarette or vape. I hate the smell.

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I was the heaviest smoker of al! I’m nicotine free now nearly three years.



I smoked 50 g a day of roll your own

i think about 60 a day

i sucked it in like weed to try to hate smoking more and more so that i couldn’t enjoy it
It might have eventually worked, i hated it enough to stop

smoked about every 30 mins.

also no idea if it would be so much that i’m already sealed to die of it - like i believe

i’m 11 years smoke free
gave up before vaping was a thing
used patches lozenges and constant oral stimulation for 2 years


Wow congrats!!!

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just hope vaping is safe for everyone

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@Kindness has been vaping for 14 years and hasn’t have had any issues from it so I think its okay. But time will tell…


I smoke 10 - 15 a day

I smoked when I was a little kid for about a week because I thought it was cool and then got in trouble with my parents and haven’t touched a cigarette since.


I’m not a smoker anymore. I quit back in 2006. I never did inhale them. But I have a good friend who is a very, very heavy smoker. She can’t make a move without a cigarette. Literally. She is elderly and she’s been this way all of her life. Today, she has bad emphysema and gallbladder cancer spread to the liver, due to her smoking, and she still won’t quit. She’s extremely out of breath and unsteady on her feet and can only take a few steps at a time while hanging on to my arm, when we are out on the town. She’s literally dying from cigarettes and she doesn’t care enough about it to quit.
My dad killed himself with cigarettes too.
And I have yet another friend who has been struggling to quit smoking cigarettes over the thirteen years that I’ve known her. She always quits for a few days and then goes right back to smoking whenever a stressor comes upon her. It’s endless. Not even vaping seems to help her. She says that vaping “hurts her lungs”. She had a big lung cancer scare recently, and not even that got her to quit.

I smoke a little less than a pack a day. Usually I have 3 to four cigarettes for the next day. Either that or a couple black and mild woodtip mini cigars. I’ve tried to quit. The longest I lasted was 6 months. Recently I didn’t smoke for 2 weeks. I want to quit. I always cave in and get one more or my “last” pack.

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