How many of you are from Canada?

It seems to me like a lot of you are…

I’m from Manitoba Canada :canada:

I’m from BC. 12345

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how are you all…eh?

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There’s quite a few of us here. (I’m in Winnipeg, MB.)

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Doing ok. Just finished playing an online game and disappointing my teammates with my rusty “skills”.

so…you’re smart… why so many?

Me! Also from BC :canada:


that’s cool, im not threatened by this at all, its great that the world wide web connects us and stuff

I’m from everywhere.

Alberta, Canada.


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I’m not originally from Canada but I have dual U.S./Canadian citizenship and I can’t wait to go back to Alberta.

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Beautiful British Columbia as well and it’s not difficult to guess which city I’m from.

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Hi there @anon35453467! You tend to know your stuff. Do you know why so many folk on here are from Canada?

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Im from ontario canada, but i want to move to southern bc for the weather.

Lived 10 years in Calgary, Alberta.

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I wish I could move to Canada. Unfortunately you cannot do this if you’re a burden on the health system, from what I have read online, but it is a case by case basis.

I only stay where I am because of family being close by.

I know some stuff. Why are there so many folks here are from Canada? There are mostly Americans on this forum since this website is based out of the US. However, there are people from the UK & Australia who are on here too.

Ever heard of The Isle Of Man?